ZL SC52 versus QAA RRT0 LD20 HP11 TK40

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ZL SC52 versus QAA RRT0 LD20 HP11 TK40

Hi, everyone. I thought I’d pay back all the great info and enjoyable reading with some beamshots of various flashlights.

The images were shot with a nice Canon DLSR, and white balance is set to sunlight, so the colors should be very ‘accurate’. To the eye, the tints are less saturated, but visible as in the photos. Please remember that the hot spots are ‘blown’ in some of the pics (the camera couldn’t expose higher, so the white areas are actually brighter than they appear to be!)

Since I just got the SC52, I’ll note that a ceiling comparo shows the SC52 as marginally brighter than the RRT0, and significantly brighter than the QAA. The 52 is brigher than the LD20. The SC52 appears nearly identical to the HP11 with it’s ‘diff’ diffuser in place.

With fresh Eneloops, the SC52 ran 55 minutes on H1, while the RRT0 was still going strong 15 minutes later, and I shut it off, too. The SC52 was brighter up till the last 10 minutes.

You should be able to download a bigger size of the following image from here, so you can read the text: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8927203@N02/8411946173/sizes/l/in/photostream/