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Agreed. My personal price limit is $30 on items ordered from these direct from China sites. All of my more expensive lights came from US based suppliers. 


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Best batteries for Skyray King from Fasttech?

Panasonic NCR18650B Protected Rechargeable 3400mAh 3.7V 18650 Lithium Batteries
Panasonic protected

These are pretty long batteries. I have the SkyRay King and they fit! Another flashlight….not too sure. I have a Zebra light that they are too long in. SRK….good to go!

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Mike Sloan wrote:
I’ve had a half dozen orders with FastTech, every one has been prompt and well handled. In my opinion, they are the most organized of all sellers who advertise here.

I used to think that…..until I had to return a very expensive item….then the “Shuckin’ and jivin” began. Now I think I will only use them for smaller ticket items.

Fasttech sells the Nitecore TM26 for $250.00. Amazon sells the flashlight for $369.00 and includes 4 Eagletac 3400 batteries (worth $70.00)+2 day free shipping for Prime members. So Fasttech and Amazon are $50.00 apart. Is it worth $50.00 to get your Flashlight in 2 days, from a US vendor, with an iron clad, no haggle return policy……Uhhhh Ya!

If I elected to return the Flashlight to Fasttech for a replacement…let’s see:

>Send the flashlight back (FedEx tracking) to their Miami holding center
>Wait 2 weeks for Fasttech to tell you they never received it, even after they signed for it!
>File a claim with PayPal and Visa fraud department (about an hours work getting everything faxed to Visa fraud Dept.)
>Then through a miracle they find the lost package that their employee signed for
>Wait another 2 weeks to get the replacement flashlight and pray it’s ok….
I learned my lesson….sometimes it works out….sometimes not so good.

I agree.

Sometimes, it is worth $20 to not have to wait for weeks on end, or be stressed by delays, or unknowns.

I once had a friend who, after being ragged on by my (ex) wife while we were playing chess, used to hand her a $20 bill in exchange for shutting up.

He said, “I will give you $20 to shut up.”

She often took the money and he bought us an hour of peace from her incessant talking.

This went on for a few years until we were, on a Sunday afternoon, really enjoying our chess time. We were playing game after game against each other, were in a period of time when we were improving, and reserved Sunday afternoons to ourselves. Saturday was for the kids, Saturday night for the wives, Sunday morning we were at church, but Sunday afternoon was ours…game after game, back and forth, playing decent chess, whispering some incredibly nasty but funny insults to each other, and having a great time.

She sensed our smiles and could not bear it so she came over and began her incessant yakking.

“I will give you $100 to go away.”

She took the money.

We had a great day.

He said, “How much is your peace worth to you?”


Mike Sloan
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Good one! :bigsmile:

I did receive refund from Fasttech….all is well