SolarForce L2P and S7 available

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SolarForce L2P and S7 available

Good news at

Solarforce L2P HAIII Black flashlight Body is in stock now

Solarforce S7 Tactical switch for Surefire 6P 9P , Solarforce flashlight available

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At first I thought you meant they were available as a combo, and I was going to say some bad words again for buying too early.


But no... trying to clarify what you were conveying, I went to the site and viewed their news on the homepage. Apparently the black L2P was out of stock for awhile. And, I surmise that they hadn't gotten the S7 in stock at all yet, but do now (not sure about this). They are not available as a combo, but you the black L2P can be had with a black forward clicky (at an increased price).


Lighthound has had the S7 for awhile now (a few months). I remember only 1 other seller had it, I forget who now--I thought ITC or solarforce-sales.


Anyway, I got my S7 and was very disappointed. I'll do a bigger review at some point, but the bottom line is, it works like crap. Sneak preview for the rest for web searchers (case I don't get around to it for awhile): the most surprising thing is my OEM Surefire Z41 twisty/momentary tailcap (which the S7 is designed after) works just about perfectly on the L2P, whereas it worked pretty unreliably on the L2, and not at all on my old WF-504B. Here I thought I wasted money on the Z41, but now no. The Nitrolon (G2) tailcap doesn't work on the L2p, nor any other 6P-'compatible' flashlight I have, though it threads on just fine, and the internals appear identical to the Z41--I can't figure it out. So that was definitely a waste of money.


I dissembled the S7 switch (not as easy as your standard switch) and am in the process of modding it to accept Oveready's Zero Resistance mod (springless brass contact). It's going to require a little rotary tool work to fit the new part onto the S7's plastic plunger. Who knows, the result may be better overall than the Z41, and it should be easier than the Z41 (modding switches don't get more difficult than that, because it's riveted). The S7's plastic plunger is so close to being able to accept the Z41 (ultimately requires adhesive and a very small hex wrench), but it's just a little too small. It could be done with a knife but not as cleanly. I also think the back-end of these flashlights should probably be twist-sanded on a flat (glass) surface to sand down the bevel, to get more electrical contact area. But I'm geting ahead of myself.


I really wonder what Solarforce was thinking when they released the S7. Just doesn't seem to work as well as one would expect. Flickering, poor connection, difficult to change mode, takes more screwing to lock out than I'd expect (IIRC), etc. These problems could have been addressed. In fact, they could've copied or modified oveready's design while they were at it.

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Thanks for posting, wondered when the would have them again.