Fandyfire UV-S5 (SRK) vs Trustfire 3T6

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Fandyfire UV-S5 (SRK) vs Trustfire 3T6

They are both built nicely, with a slight edge to the FF SRK. The FF SRK is much brighter. The side switch and hidden stobe is also a one up for the SRK.

The trustfire 3T6 has a slightly nicer tint and although not as bright it does still have a great flood and is very bright. It’s also nicer to carry by a mile. I have the two 18650 model and it’s balanced very well. I would say that it’s a little underdriven but with the two 18650’s that is probably a good thing, plus it doesn’t get hot like the SRK does.

I haven’t had either of them long enough to give a full review or say how well they will hold up in the long run. However, if I had to pick only one of them to keep I would keep the Trustfire 3T6. It doesn’t have the wow factor that the SRK does, it not as bright, it’s not as “refined”, but it’s a solid light. it feels like I could drop in and not worry about breaking it. Plus, it’s just nicer to carry.

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I agree the TR-3T6 is an awesome light. Very durable and simple. Mine pulls 2.25 amps (4.5amps total) / 1.5 per emitter. I think 3 amps (6 amps total) / 2.0 per emitter would be more ideal for this light.

I have both T6 NW and U2 versions of the King. I would say the TR-3T6 color is between NW and CW. It provides a nice balance.

I have to disagree with you about carrying the lights though. I think the King is the best light out of all of the lights I own to carry in my hand. My thumb rests on the switch and it feels like I'm holding a pop can. (I could rave about the King all day) If you are talking about in your pocket then both of these lights are pretty awful with the TR-3T6 being slightly better because it is lighter.

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I agree - the 3T6 is a nice torch, but the current draw is rather disappointing.  The screw in pill has great heat sink potential and it is a shame the driver does not make full use of it by delivering only 1.5A/emitter.

I was going to do the resistor mode in this thread, but my driver is different, so I'm left looking for a new one to replace it with.

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