Pics of our keychains, EDC/gadgets...

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Pics of our keychains, EDC/gadgets...


I was wondering what do we carry (almost) every day? specially keychains, tools, gadgets...

It would be nice to see pics from each of us showing that things as well as a list explaining what it is.

Well, here is mine:

List: ITP A3 EOS Upgrade edition with Q5 (broken clip), Smith & Wesson + Parker gel refill (black .7), Spyderco Bug, Rigid Worksite Utility Keychain, pill fob, "Stainless Steel Detachable Whistle Keychain", "Ultrafire Stainless Steel Bottle Opener (with Screw Driver and Wrench Tools)", "4-in-1 Mini Toolkit Keychain", True Utility Twistick clone, Photon Micron clone ("Fauxton"), "I-Love-You Couple's Magic Keychain" (it says "LOYE" instead of "LOVE"), flat screwdriver (with bottle-opener) and start screwdriver from a disassembled swiss army, NexTORCH V4018 Quick Access Express Clip, knotted cord with clasp (kind of), Victorinox SwissCard clone, "Stainless Steel 11-in-1 Multi-Functional Tool Card", TAD Gear Skeleton Key, leather wallet.

Now your turn! :D


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Wow . That's a lot of gear .

I am a minimalist . I carry a knife ,  a flashlight ,  and a way to make fire .


What I do


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A bottle opener and a backup bottle opener (at least one backup). You've got your priorities straight.

I am getting to the point where I have  more gadgets on my keychain than keys. I have a USB drive, swiss army knife, fauxton, iTP A3 EOS, remote entry car fob, and discount cards for two stores. And I have 6 keys. Also EDC my wallet, cell phone, and iPod touch 4G.

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If I weren't at work there would be a multitool on my belt and probably another one about my person. In the work bag there is a lot of other stuff - like laptop, lip salve (AKA Vaseline), notebooks, 3G modem. PSUs for everything, AC adapters, 3 phones, phone chargers, latex gloves, earplugs, bandages, dressings, resuscitation aids, bandages, books, keys, notebooks, spare glasses, pens, pencils, dog crap bags, other work stuff.


What I actually put into the pic. Smokes, lighter, e-cig, spare reading glasses, pen, work keys with Fenix E01 and reward tag - it costs me a lot if I lose those keys which will open all but the forensic unit doors where I work, Light (Currently a Yezl clone of the Trustfire F22 with an R5 in it), wallet, phone (I carry two-three others for work - this one is the personal one), house and car keys. ITP A3 EOS Upgrade on house key, TiKey on car key. Handles of haemostat on the top. Several of those in work bag. Handles of dissecting scissors on top left - usually a pair or two in work bag.


The numbers from my light tests are always to be found here.

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I bet you guys can't ever sneak up on anyone.


Don wrote:

"But as I said long ago, you are more likely to be killed by a dead fish dropped by a seagull in the Sahara Desert than by a lithium ion

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fishinfool wrote:

I bet you guys can't ever sneak up on anyone.





Not ever.....



The numbers from my light tests are always to be found here.

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I don't carry that much just a few essentials.

My much loved Lummi Raw which have recently got from Don is nestled comfortably inside a little leather sleeve I made for it so it should avoid most damage.


True-Utility Scarab Multitool, really useful and well made. They recently started selling a clone of it at DX -

It's half to a third the price and I suspect it's probably made by the same factory.


A Nite Tritium GlowRing, which the tritium vial has fallen out of. Luckily It fell out in my pocket so it'll be epoxied back in place soon.


I always carry a Pilot Frixion pen with me. I'm dyslexic and my hand writting is bad at it's best, these pens are completely erasable so at least i can fix the mess I've made Smile

Oxy Moron
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Wow, you guys travel heavy. Wink


I often leave my wallet at home and don't bring anything but my keys with keychain light, cell, a money clip, a small knife and/or CCW piece (where appropriate and legal) and EDC flashlight and I have to admit I often don't even have a real, dedicated flashlight on my person unless I'm out in the sticks or think I'm going to be out all day. I usually have at least a couple in my truck but I don't really like to carry a ton of stuff.

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 I travel light  ... 5 keys a small swiss army knife with plastic sides pulled off to thin it down attached to  something like this >

       καὶ τὸ φῶς ἐν τῇ σκοτίᾳ φαίνει καὶ ἡ σκοτία αὐτὸ οὐ κατέλαβεν


       Dc-fix diffuser film  >…

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Fenix TK70 with manker E01

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I edc three lights and three layers of ambush dog attack self defense.

FW3a 3 x W2.1, D4V2 4 x W2.1, Nightwatch NSX53 3 x XHP50.2, Underwood loaded G29, Ruger branded pepper spray and a long screwdriver.


Because I like big lights, my flashlightical views lean heavily toward both the extreme bright and the extreme heft.

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Every key and non-key item of mine is getting stamped leather these days.

Bored, anyone? Silly

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My edc mp3 player, a rockboxed Sandisk Sansa Clip+ (wonderful title, just like a Reiko Ike movie) has problems with the display,
so I was glad I got an unused iPod Nano 7G from my dad.

Still I need a clip as I carry it in the pocket of our work polo.

Wet formed leather, Titanium clip. Working well so far but of course it’s a prototype so I’d make things differently now.
Not gonna happen on this one though.

The headphones are a Samsung phone headset (most duable in-ears I ever tried) and a KZ-ZSN.
Now I pity myself I ordered the KZ without remote and mic.

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I love all of your keychains! Mine are too simple… Well, at least they were too simple. Just the keys from my and my parents’ house and that’s all Sad I’m glad my friend decided to dilute my sad routine and made me a customized photo keychain from with a dumb photo of us two from last Christmas. Every time I look at it, a smile appears on my face and my day is becoming better Smile I am glad he gave me such a present, now my keychain is sad no more !

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Heavy keys = Tow truck + $$$ Smile

"According to Mercedes Source, one of the main reasons for early failure of car ignition lock mechanisms is putting too many keys on the car’s key ring. Over time the tumblers inside the ignition lock wear out, as well as the tumblers in the ignition. Disconnect all other keys from the car’s ignition key and drive with only one key in the ignition switch, if possible. If the key starts to stick in the ignition and does not initially start the car until the keys are wiggled, these are signs that the ignition is beginning to wear away."

"It's super bright, super tough, and super efficient! What more could you ask for?"

The true mystery of the world is the visible, not the invincible.

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Wow, old thread.
I don’t know what that little lock knife is above the Spyderco in the OP’s photo, but I have one that looks just like it… along with its bigger brother, a 2.75” half serated folding lock, both made by Imperial Ireland.

I hate bulky keychains, as they always sit poorly in my pockets and are too fiddly. I much prefer carrying tons of gear in organiser pouches and belt pouches, but that’s beyond the scope of the thread.
My actual keychain has just two door keys, a trolley token and a Leatherman Squirt PS.

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puglife2 wrote:
Fenix TK70 with manker E01


That might break your ignition switch. Big Smile