Scary Chinese LEGO

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Scary Chinese LEGO

I was looking for outdoor stuff, when I found these scary Chinese LEGO sets.

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As anyone who has stood bare foot on a piece of Lego will attest there is nothing more painfull than Lego.

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Oh gosh those damned bricks when you stepped on them Yell

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That's disturbing...So that explains why kids are so screwed up these days ..

Why don't they just use thier imaginations like we used to when we were kids starting chemical fires in the sandbox ..We had no toys ,,that weren't incinerated during the long drawn out wars in the sandbox ...ah ...the innocence of youth

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Oh yes, sandboxes. Tons of memories there; back when toy manufacturers did not care about safety. Remember the old all-metal Tonka trucks? Sharp edges, heavy weight, paint containing lead. Although we tried hard, my brother and me just couldn't kill those things, not even by jumping on them or setting them on fire (nope, parents were NOT amused about that).

Later, we switched to plastic scale model kits. My brother would build and paint them, I'd fit them with the largest size firecracker I could get my hands on. Remember the odd-curling smoke from burning PVC?

I think one of my first flashlights fell victim to my destructive research in the sandbox as well - one of those cheap, two D-cell-powered, boxy stamped-sheetmetal lights with red- and green-colored sliding lenses.

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" of those cheap, two D-cell-powered, boxy stamped-sheetmetal lights with red- and green-colored sliding lenses."

wow sixfink. You just gave me the ultimate throwback into my past. I completely forgot about those flashlights. Maybe that's the source of our flashaholism...