WTS Trustfire 3 T6 $30

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WTS Trustfire 3 T6 $30

Well here I go again with another light for sale. This one is very cool and it’s been fun playing with it. It’s a Trustfire with 3 T6 MX-L led’s they are not overly white. So I would guess they are a cool white?? It’s a very usable light with a ton of very even flood. It’s not a thrower although the flood does go out a long way. For a double 18650 it’s not all that big. It’s 8.5 inches long and the head is 5.5 inches. It’s not the model with the huge head. It is heavy, but also well balanced. Just the standard 5 modes. If left off it comes back on in high mode. On the side it says Trustfire XM-L T6 and on the other side it says 3800LM of course it’s not close to 3800LM. I have no idea what driver is in it, just that it’s very bright. All in all it’s in great shape, it hasn’t seen much use. The threads are very nice and very smooth. The body is also very thick.

$30 delivered to the Lower 48 only.

If you are interested send me a PM. I would prefer to sell because I am saving up for a higher end light. However, I do like horse trading as well, but I am going to be kind of picky with this light because it is one of my favorites. Check or Money Order and I ship fast. Please feel free to ask around.

I’m a junky, I mod lights so I can sell lights so I can buy more light to mod so I can sell lights to buy more lights to mod.

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