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Rating: Ant Supplies Limited

During my search for those nifty green GITD tailswitch boots which are currently sold out about everywhere, I stumbled over this vendor:


Obviously, they are focused on hunting supplies, airsoft, camping and survivalism rather than flashlights and electronics, but they still offer a bunch of torches (SolarForce, Romisen, budget no-name) and parts as well. On a side note, they even have SolarForce's T4 in stock for £ 30,00 GBP, or complete kits with lantern head and tripod for just ten pounds more - not that bad IMHO. After some short email chatter, I ended up buying three of the much-desired tailcap switch boot covers and two small packs of O-rings (You can never have enough of those, after all.)



-will answer emails promptly

-reasonable shipping time (three business days from South Wales to mainland Europe)

-reasonable shipping costs. In my case, it was £1,00 GBP for a padded envelope to Germany.

-PayPal. Well, maybe not a pro thing per se, but I remember the old days when you had to send cash in a blackened envelope.

-they have GITD switch boots!


cons: no real cons so far, considered they are NOT primarily aimed at flashaholics. I merely placed my order because they were the only ones that carried what I was looking for, that's all. Transaction and communication went smooth as a lady's back IMHO.