Good place to order orings from?

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Good place to order orings from?

I’m looking to order some o rings. I need a size chart and good place to order from.

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I’ve been getting mine from Fasttech, but their selection is limited to one thickness so far. I think I have most of the black ones they currently offer. I’d like to see thicker ones for lights that have a deeper O-ring channel.
No idea on a size chart, I just measure them and try to get something close.

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May not help in u.s. but aldis often has metric,imperial o=ring selection in a plastic case with over( 400) different size and thickness.Last time saw them they were £6.99,or £7.99 .EDIT 400 o rings 32 sizes lol

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If using for waterproofing on flashlight threads, i recommend buying slightly smaller then the diameter so it will have to stretch slightly so it doesn’t become a loose wobbly pita

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Check out (no affiliation)

And here’s my reference for o-ring sizes:

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McMaster-Carr is where I buy a lot of miscellaneous parts.

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