fan-cooled sst-90 flashlight

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fan-cooled sst-90 flashlight

the powertac destroyer…. it has a built in cooling fan ..!!!!!!
i think it has a big battery pack inside….

i held one of these 10 days ago at a show….
i had it next to a defiant 3-D xm-l
it was a little bigger and maybe 3-5 times as bright
with a little bigger hotspot….

the following is from the other forum ….
i googled it and there’s not much info….

“”“Well, I don’t know much about it actually. I am told it has 2100 lumens, has an on-board cooling fan and I believe I was told that it is powered with its own battery system (pretty much just like the SR series from Olight). What I don’t know, but very curious to find out, is if this particular light is more similar to a SR95 Ultra Thrower, the standard SR90 or the SR91. In comparison, I’ve observed the standard SR95 (non Ultra Thrower version) and at initial face value, it seems to be similar in spec(s).

Olight SR95 – Roughly $450. Lumens – 2000. Similar styling to the Powertac Destroyer.
Powertac Destroyer – Quoted MSRP $450. Lumens – 2100. One noticeable difference is the beam selector switch.

Here are the specs that were sent to me. Based on what I’ve read from the spec sheet, this is probably a pretty heavy hitter of a light..

The PowerTac Destroyer high-power LED flashlight is designed specifically for outdoor use. The Destroyer provides tremendous illuminating power as it uses a high-efficiency cutting edge LUMINUS SST-90 LED, which can generate a penetrating and perfectly focused 2100 lumen light beam. It uses a magnet-ring switch for changing brightness modes and magnetic contact charging for more convenient and reliable operation. It’s portable, yet powerful and delivers on design, performance, quality and reliability. It is the preferred choice of many professionals and ideal for military, police, adventure, hunting, or search and rescue teams. With the Destroyer the user is prepared for any unexpected situations.
Utilizes a cutting edge LUMINUS SST-90 high power LED that enables the Destroyer to produce an amazing 2100 lumens.

Three brightness modes plus strobe feature.
Long 800+ meter beam throw with an impressive flood light to illuminate objects at both long and close distances.
Provides quick access to multiple illumination modes and strobe feature through an intelligently designed interface for tactical and self-defense use.
Features an auto-memorization for direct on / off access to all brightness levels plus strobe.

Offers an intuitive, friendly user interface for effortless operation.
Utilizes a unique digital circuit control technology to maximize battery life and consistent light output performance.
Machined from aircraft grade aluminum.
Maintains its appearance through extreme weather and rugged treatment with a tough, durable Type III anodized finish.
O-ring sealed to IPX-5 water poof standard.
Tempered glass with double-sided coating resists breakage or scratching on impact, maximizes light output.
Adjusts the spotlight and floodlight by rotating the flashlight head.
Battery indicator illuminates around on/off switch when battery life is low.
The charger connector uses a magnetic connection, it is simple to operate and reliable.
Uses a top quality waterproof fan for superior heat dissipation, this feature better protects the LED and electronic components from damage.
Stainless steel rings on both the head and tail cap allows the light to be carried using the included nylon shoulder strap.
Advanced ergonomic design with anti-slip knurling for a firm grip.
Momentary forward click on/off switch for tactical use and better operation.

1. LED type: LUMINUS SST-90 LED.
2.Functions: 3 Steady Illumination Levels and Strobe Mode.
Standby Low (Time) Medium (Time) High (Time) Strobe (Time) 0 lm 300 lm (20 hrs) 1200 lm (4 hrs) 2100 lm (1.5 hrs) 2100 lm (4 hrs)
3. Side switch is for power on / off. Rotatable Magnetic-ring switch is for adjusting brightness levels.
4.Battery: Uses 6*18650 (2600 mAh) high quality rechargeable Li-ion battery pack, output voltage is 8V-12.6V, it can be continuously used for about 1.5 hours at the brightest level.
5. Length: 330 mm; Bezel diameter: 76.00 mm; Body diameter: 46.00 mm; Tailcap diameter: 50.00 mm.
6. Weight: 1.2 kgs (not including the Strap and AC Charger).
7. Maximum output power up to 30W.
8. Packing: Portable high strength aluminum box.
9. Accessories: one AC charger, and one high rugged strap.
Head Magnetic-ring switch On/Off switch Battery tube Stainless steel ring Tail cap

1. Destroyer installation is done by removing the head, screwing down the head and body, tighten the unit until it’s completely closed, then press the side switch to turn it on or off.
2. To switch functions, turn the light on by pressing the forward click on/off switch, then turn the magnet-ring switch left or right, from left to right the modes will change through Standby
– Low – Medium – High – Strobe .3. To turn the flashlight off, push the side switch to click. When turned back on, the flashlight will access the mode last used. Once turned off, simply tap the side switch and the light will directly go to a momentary ON switching function.

After long periods of use on the highest setting, the surface area may get hot. Please use caution when using the flashlight in a constant high brightness level. It is recommended to let the flashlight cool down to prevent any injury.
High intensity light is harmful to human eyes. This product is not meant to be handled by children under the age of 18 without adult supervision.
PowerTac’s liability is voided if the light is not used in a proper manner or if modified.
PowerTac reserves the right to change the design and/or specifications of all PowerTac products without prior notice.
Do not throw the flashlight into a fire as an explosion may occur.

All PowerTac products are covered by a standard no hassle lifetime warranty; feel free to contact our office with any questions or concerns.

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Only big problem here is the SST90 is becoming a bit “dated” and over shadowed by the new Cree emitters like the XHP70. (even Luminus’s own SBT70 is head of the aging SST90 somewhat.

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