Test / Review: Samsung INR18650-20R 2000mAh (Green)

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Slewflash wrote:
HKJ wrote:

duffyk1 wrote:
Hi Have you ever tested the above cell?



Ooops, was wondering if the question was to me or HKJ...

Totally agree - these posted test results have been invaluable for reference. Specially like this as a comparative reference:


This write up on hobby chargeres is also a great, classic source of info: http://lygte-info.dk/info/HobbyChargers%20UK.html

Plus this page on chargers (and batteries): http://www.lygte-info.dk/info/indexBatteriesAndChargers%20UK.html

Thanks HKJ !


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How about the Samsung INR18650-29E 2900mAh.
Is it same as this -20R version, except with higher capacity? I’m tempted to buy one of those for flashlight use..

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Hhhmm, think the lower the letter, the lower the max amps rating is, but not sure if that's a definite rule. I got Samsung INR 20R, 20Q, and 15M's -- in that order I'm thinking is lowest resistance to highest from my testing in builds.

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The 29E is rated for a discharge of 3C max. That's about 10A. The 20R will do 30A easily. 

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stefan wrote:
daveam wrote:

I assume the HD2010 and Sky Ray King will pull currents over 5 amps only when the supplied voltage really starts to sag after an extended run time?

Fascinating this :~

Lights like SRK have the cells in paralell, and will pull currents like 1.5 amps per cell.

Will I see any significant improvement in output if I use these batteries for my XintD X3 and Supbeam K40-L2? For lights having cells in series, do you also divide the current pulled by the number of cells?

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Thanks a lot for your another excellent test review as always. I never knew there is INR 18650 & it’s from Samsung.
It’s interesting this cell’s charging time (around 131min) is a bit faster than Efest IMR 18650 (2000mAh) V1 red (around 140min).
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