*** SOLD*** WTS: Fenix PD32 XP-G2 **UK ONLY**

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*** SOLD*** WTS: Fenix PD32 XP-G2 **UK ONLY**


Hello, and thanks for looking in.

a brand new, fenix pd32 xpg-g2.
just tested for around 2 minutes to ensure it works as it should, & it flawlessly does.

brilliantly ‘pure white intense beam’, and beautiful near ‘pure white tint’.

I really would love to keep this as the beam and tint is pretty amazing, but I ordered 2 and this one won’t be used as much as I thought really now.
comes with all the usual fenix bits.
I also have a fenix diffuser on its way so will throw that it when it arrives too!.

RRP: £54.95 http://www.myfenix.co.uk/fenix-pd32-xpg2-flashlight

yours for £45 shipped!.

“ I’ll Take It “, followed by PM, and Paypal seals the deal!.
will be posted same day, 2nd recorded signed for.

PM me if anything you wish to discuss
Kind Thanks.


  • UK Only **

Malkoff !

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