Review: Ultrafire Model 312 Flashlight Holster

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Review: Ultrafire Model 312 Flashlight Holster

Ultrafire Model 312 Holster
* Holster provided for review courtesy of


Weight: 40.00 g 
Dimensions: 1.57 in x 2.05 in x 4.84 in (4.0 cm x 5.2 cm x 12.3 cm)

Model: 312
Color: Black
Material: Parachute lanyard
Price:  $2.95 USD


It's unusual these days to find a nice hard holster for a good price.  When I saw this at LightsCastle I expressed interest to my contact there and she was gracious enough to include it and another along with other items for me to review.  The Model 312 is perfect for single AA lights and even some very small 18650 flashlights.  As uncommon as it is to find a hard bodied holster, finding one for single AA lights is even more unusual. This is a perfect fit for such lights as the Zebralight SC60 (18650) and the Xeno E03 (AA/14500).


The holster has a hard, shaped body and is a pleasure to use compared to the usual soft holsters that do not hold their shape when empty.  it's easy to put in and remove the light from these Ultrafire hard holsters. 

The stitching is very good and all edges are wrapped.  The snap closure is very sturdy and well fastened to the covering flap.  Internally it is lined with a smooth, thick nylon.  There is an extra layer of thick nylon to cover the backside of the snap closure to keep your light from getting scratched.

The belt loop is constructed so that you can attach one of three ways.  First is the usual method, pass your belt through the sewn loop when you put your belt on and remove the holster by removing your belt.  The second is to use the second loop that is attached by a strong snap the same as used on the front of the holster.  This method is technically not as secure as the first but it allows you to attach/remove the holster without undoing your belt.  The third method is by clipping the holster to your pack or beltloop using the sewn in D-ring at the top rear of the holster.


As you can see below, the Xeno E03 is a great fit for this light.

The flap fits around the light perfectly

Even the 18650 Zebralight SC60 fits perfectly.  Installed head first with the clip exposed, the flap still closes snugly over the tailcap of the SC60.

It also accomodates the SC60 tailfirst, clip and all.  It is easier to insert and remove the SC60 if you insert it head first though.

Closes nicely and snaps securely shut.


Final thoughts

I can highly recommend this holster!  The price is great as is it's quality.  Nice hard shell holsters are uncommon, especially at this great price point.  For under $3 it's a no brainer!

~ Johnny

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Thanks very much for the review! Looks like a useful product. Sticky’d.

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You wouldn’t have noticed if they have any p60 sized holsters would you?

Thanks for the review buddy

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Very nice!



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I don't know but it's a good question. You'd have to do a search on their side for "ultrafire" (just searching for "holster" won't show them) and look at the spec'd dimensions.