New 3-mode driver for SK-68 - still working for now...

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New 3-mode driver for SK-68 - still working for now...

I installed this driver in my FP-purchased (IIRC) SK-68 clone over the weekend:

The driver is the correct diameter for the sk-68 host and installed very easily. This is a 3-mode driver, H/L/Strobe. Per the specs, rated at 700-800mA @ 1.5-3V. Since it's sold as a pair leaving me with a spare, I tried with a 14500 and it didn't burn out (yet).

  1. This driver works well on 1x/2x AA cells and seems considerably brighter than the stock driver.
  2. This driver seems to work on 14500s (as it hasn't blown up yet) and seems to be brighter than with the factory driver (DD on high?).
  3. This driver has no mode memory and always starts on high.

Thoughts anyone? On high/14500, the light heats up much more quickly making me suspect that it's running at a Direct-Drive on high. I haven't had a chance to confirm tailcap current, but it is obviously driven much harder, making it much brighter. On 14500, the low isn't quite low enough, and the strobe is extremely fast.

Anyone using this driver or used it with 14500s before and can comment on the odds of this being a success?

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Sounds like a succes already, if it doesn't fry on 14500's direct it is usually ok.

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Thanks for posting this, I have been searching for this since a while and nowhere found it. I guess I always searched for 15mm instead 1.5cm….

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yeah, thanks for posting

looking to mod 3 sk68s. would prefer no strobe, but more than one steady mode is good enough….

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Would this be a viable 3 mode "AA" only driver for the SK-68?

probably not as the driver module on those is Diameter: 1.5cm (15mm)

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Hi,i have 2 or 3 drivers for the SK-68 that are 3-mode high/low/strobe with no mode memory,they are boost drivers and made to run a 14500 battery.If use a AA it can sense the 1.5volt and boosts to 3.7volt but not as bright as a 14500 as not as much current.I also have a couple of drivers as above but single mode only just high mode.I can test the tailcap current if you want using a 14500 battery and will post
some photos of the drivers if anyone is interested in them.All just spares from my SK-68 modding days,i also have a few new SK-68 clones but without drivers or L.E.D.s and various pills etc.I will sort out what ive got and post some photos if anyone is interested as into 18650 flashlights these days and have no use for SK-68 stuff anymore.cheers terry

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I have this 20-Mode Driver in a couple Moded SK68s on single AA Eneloops or Alcalines, they work great but the grouped modes can be complicated until you get used to them.

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