XM-L2 vs XM-L | XP-G2 vs XP-E | Reflector comparison C20, Carclo 10003, D4, M10

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XM-L2 vs XM-L | XP-G2 vs XP-E | Reflector comparison C20, Carclo 10003, D4, M10

A little shootout and comparison I made while I had some stuff wired up.

XM-L2 T6 3C vs XM-L T6 3C

Driver and current equal, I don’t remember the exact current setting anymore (1.5-3.0A).
XM-L probably U2 1C added as a bonus.
Keygos M10 reflector.

XP-G2 R5 3D vs XP-E R3

Tank007 E09 reflector, driver and current equal.
XP-E R3 probably 1C.

Reflector comparison

UF C20, D4/Xiaozhi, Keygos M10, Carclo 10003
XM-L2 T6 3C, driver and current equal.

Yes XM-L2 is brighter than XM-L of same type at the same current.
UF C20 reflector is slightly tighter than D4 one, it’s deeper, it’s more prominent when it’s more down and focused properly.
All the reflectors yellow out the whole beam, even the Carclo 10003 that I’ve seen people complain about, I just put it on the 20mm star, fits right there where it’s supposed to, it has bigger hotspot and less spill. M10 I guess it does yellow out.

E09 reflector is a piece of crap. Seriously. All the yellow from the sides is shot to the middle as hotspot, the rest of the more cold tint is shot as a spill. It’s quite noticeable with the XP-G2 R5 3D where the hotspot makes stuff yellow (it adds red and green) where as the spill has more of a blue tone. I’ll be replacing that one with a TIR if the TIR will be better.

Carclo 10003 did not show the square stuff surprisingly and I don’t know why, it just wasn’t much visible there with the XM-L2 as I’ve seen it before with XM-L.
Who knows it just wasn’t there anymore.

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Nice comparison thank you for posting it. The difference between XML – XML2 is really noticeable but with same half decent neutral tint :-D. Must get a couple.
The xpg2 r5 3D is great, what’s not to love about this little diamond, I must admit I was disappointed at first with them, didn’t seem to get any brighter above 1.5A, A few weeks later I tried direct soldered to a copper heatsink and WHOA what a difference! At 2.5A great throw compared with xml t6 3c, same ceiling bounce lumens, and slightly nicer tint. Really nice emitter. I think it would seriously burn your retina it’s so bright I can’t look at it through a welding mask.
This is my opinion so far….

Xml on aluminium (aluminum?) ok….copper better.

Xpg on aluminium suck!…. Direct to copper; let’s rock and roll!

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Thaks for the shots JackCY. They are very well done and give a us a good idea off the differences between stars etc. You gotta love those Sinkpads.


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I only noted it’s was on SinkPAD, I don’t think it has any significance here since they were not lit up for a long time or something. Just wanted to see roughly the output difference and to test different reflectors.

Yeah you guys make me want to get that XP-G2 R5 3D out of the Tank and put it into a Keygos M10 thrower on a XP-G SinkPAD. So I may do a comparison between XP-G2 and XM-L2 with the same reflector. First the equal current and then at their max specification current. Though I could really use some welding mask gosh. Since I position the reflector by hand or will have to again unless I resolder the XP-G2 to the SinkPAD just to measure it…

I don’t think the area of the XP-G2 is less than 2 times smaller that of an XM-L2. So XM-L2 at twice the current should produce the same peak brightness at double the area thus more output. That if concentrated well means more hot spot. Though mostly the reflectors create spill from it so a smaller emitter can throw as well as a bigger emitter if the power per area of emitter is the same.

How come it only works with XP-G2 when mounted directly to copper? Oh I know, because it’s pushing it over the limit quite a bit when it’s over 1.5A.

What do you think is the sweet spot for XP-G2 mounted on a copper sinkpad in a single 26650 light, thus hopefully enough heatsinking. The pill is aluminum in my case.
XM-L2 T6 3C at 3.5A vs XP-G2 R5 3D at 2.1A? or at 2.4A?

I know match or who found the spot at 2.4-2.5A but hey was that in a flashlight or well cooled chunk of copper heatsink? I don’t run my lights filled with liquid nitrogen ya know.

So I’m thinking only 2.1A.

I have only one XP-G2 and 3 XM-L2… + same amount of SinkPADs.
What am I going to do with the XM-L2s? Facepalm
My other lights are going high cri Nichia.

The UF C20 reflector does not make a small hotspot even with an XP-G2, there is some but it’s not very bright. Now with Keygos M10 reflector that’s a different story :bigsmile:
And that’s just a moded maybe boosted Tank007 E09 on high. (Added a chunk of copper and removed all current limited and sensing resistors. Probably no boost with NiMH but with Lions it could give 1.5A in my bad breadboard setup. I don’t want to know how much it gives when wired properly with low resistance, it must be over 2A if the batteries can do it and the up to 1A electronics can survive it and not over heat since 50% is waste driver heat Sad I’m talking emitter current here.)