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Chloe wrote:

It depends. :bigsmile: I’m pretty photosensitive. Sometimes even the XPE is too much (especially with high PWM!!) O.O and a little incandescent Maglite, well, it can be quite pleasant. For my eyes!! >.< :bigsmile:

Ours too I would imagine. :bigsmile:

Eagles may soar, but weasels don't get sucked into jet engines!

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Chloe wrote:
marcl wrote:
Be careful where you stick it! It is meant for a 12v socket :bigsmile:

Don’t worry, I have enough toys already. :hat:

Photos, please! Party

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Think I will get one for my yard tractor. Should be able to cut mowing time in half and use less fuel! :bigsmile:

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mkett39 wrote:
Think I will get one for my yard tractor. Should be able to cut mowing time in half and use less fuel! :bigsmile:

thats exactly what i was thinking. i wonder if it will level my deck also. :bigsmile:
but if it really is just a capacitor supplementing the battery, it might help smooth out the output of my headlights on low throttle
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Yup. I also know a guy who never changes oil. Swears oil never “wears out”…’s all just a scam by the oil companies, so he just adds oil as necessary. I pity whoever ends up with his trade-ins.

A couple of years ago Canadian Tire (a huge retailer here) advertised a gadget that your clamped around your water inlet by the main valve – it was supposed to ‘induce ionization’ that softened your water and prevented calcium stains in your shower etc. It disappeared pretty fast, but I wonder is some corporate buyer didn’t get canned over it. Somebody apparently forgot their high school chemistry… :bigsmile:

Rusty Joe
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If you buy this, I’ve got some high-quality safety cage replacement fluid for you! PM me for details. Party

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i remember a news article somewhere that all these things were is a plastic case with a green LED inside, nothing more.