Battery matrix - avoid this as*****

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Battery matrix - avoid this as*****

I tried to order some lifepo4 cells two times from this site,and both times were total fail.
1st time was few months ago,classic bait&switch,I ordered 4 18650 lifepo4 cells,they were 2.54$,but soon after the order, my transaction was cancelled,money refunded,and seller made a new list for that cell,but now min. order was 10pcs and it was 5.8$/piece!
2nd time,few weeks ago,I tried to order some 26650 cells,and after one week without respond,seller sent me this answer:
“Thanks for your order on our Battery Matrix. Sorry for late because i have just came back of the HONGKONG electronics exhibition.
Please kindly tell me your contact number and i will make shipment for you. Thank you.

Best regards,


I asked,what contact number( I gave all necessary data during registration). Answer after 3 days:

“ Hello friend,

Please do not worry, we will ship tomorrow. Our usual shipping day is Monday and Thursday. After we get tracking number will tell you. Thank you.

Best regards,

Kelly “

Of course no response nor tracking number next day.
I asked what’s happening with my order,and where is my f****** number,last answer:

“Now the Fedex warehouse is full of stock. The tracking number can not updated. We can only wait for their message. When i get it, will tell you at once.
Any futher news, i will let you know.

Best regards,


What f****** Fedex?I chose HK registered airmail,there wasn’t fedex as option.
Opened paypal case,and got refund fast.

What an dumb ***.

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Thanks for letting us know, I never heard of them myself.


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Sounds like he might be trying but has a lot of orders and is understaffed…that and the language gap.

A lot of these Chinese companies are small operations. Being a small business owner is a tremendous amount of work, when you have to do everything yourself…it’s not a good business plan when competing with larger outfits.