Does anyone own the Zebralight SC52 and the SC600II?

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Um, I just noticed something on my SC52. It appears to have PWM on the L1 mode (2.7lm).

I thought I was imagining it, but I compared it against other lights and I’m pretty sure what I’m seeing is really there.

So far it appears to only be on the 2.7lm mode, and it’s not very noticeable during use. I just did a quick check by random chance and was surprised at the result. It looks like it has PWM, and the frequency seems similar to my XinTD C8 V3 (which IIRC runs at about 4.5 kHz). I then tried it with an Eneloop. The PWM went away. Put a 14500 back in and the PWM came back.

The easiest way I’ve found to check is to rapidly wave a white business card back and forth through the beam with a dark background behind.

My H51w doesn’t have PWM. My L3 L10-219 doesn’t have PWM. But the SC52 does. And while trying other lights, I found that the JETBeam RRT01 has something like PWM, but instead of a square wave at 2% duty cycle, it seems to use a steady sine wave.

Anyway, just wondering if anyone else can confirm that the SC52 has PWM on L1 with a 14500 battery.