General purpose home light - Zebralight H51Fw

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General purpose home light - Zebralight H51Fw

Hi all

First time poster, sometime lurker.

Would really appreciate some recommendations based on my requirements:
- 1xAA (or 2xAA if there is something better)
- Neutral white LED if possible
- I would prefer a clicky type operation
- Multiple light brightness (I probably just need a few brightness levels plus moonlight).
- Budget is up to USD $65
- Usage would be more for mostly home use

Based on the above, I had my eye on the Zebralight H51Fw – I think a flood would be better for home use. Plus the standing 90-degree configuration could be useful when I need my hands free. The only negative about the Zebralight is the operation – sounds like a lot of double and triple clicks involved.

I was also curious about the Quark AA Tactical. Like the operation side of it, forward clicky with 2 preset levels. But the pre-flash, green tint and unavailability of a neutral white is discouraging me from getting it.

Why only Zebralight/Quark? To be fair, I’m not excluding out anything. Just that I’ve got a bit of information overload with the options available.

Not sure if it helps but I currently EDC an Arc-AAA and love it. I’ve had it for (maybe) 5 years now and it’s been rock solid reliable. Not looking to replace this unless there is something better out there – or if I come under budget for my home light and end up buying 2 lights =)


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So you want a very floody 1xAA headlamp with Zebralight’s excellent UI in neutral white?

How about the Zebralight H502w! It’s a brand new model, but pre-orders just started a few days ago and it should be shipping soon. Zebralight H502w :bigsmile:

The one disadvantage is that it is pure flood. This makes it great for using as a close in work light, or for reading, or to light up a room at short range. But if you want to shed a lot of light on something you might do better to get a light with a reflector or optic that creates a brighter hotspot.