xm-l2 t6 3c from i-o store

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xm-l2 t6 3c from i-o store

Hi Blf’ers,
i’ve tested for you the xm-l2 t6 neutral in 3c flavor on 14mm pcb board from int’outdoor store Wink

today’s host is a venerable nitecore extreme GDP willing to get a more usable beam shape for everyday uses along with a neutral tint :bigsmile:

nitecore extreme xm-l2 left___________rrt-01 cw right

humm… my white balance is not so well tuned, i’ll post better comparison shots later.

the tint you can expect from this 3c led is on the cooler side of neutral “spectrum” : good choice for who want to test neutral and avoid loosing too much brightness but you should avoid putting it in current controlled lights especially underdriven ones if the aim is to get rid of the green tint.

edit : with auto white bal. on :

link outdoor store

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Nice review. I have a few xm-l2 t6 3c’s from Mouser and the tint looks like your last picture. Kind of a tan color. I like it compared to my other xml’s. Want to eventually try the s6’s with 90CRI. Waiting for prices to come down.