New flashlight user here, Solarforce L2P drop in question

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New flashlight user here, Solarforce L2P drop in question


I have just started a job that I’m going to need a flashlight for. I have spotted the Solarforce L2P and I really like the look of it and it has had great reviews.

I cant decide what drop in to get for it though, It must be 1 mode. I have seen these:

Do you think this is a good option? I want it to be quite cheap as the host is taking up quite a bit of the budget for this flashlight. It does not have to be massively bright, but it would be good to have some bragging rights!

I have picked out batterys and a charger and I think that is all I need not.

Any help would be greatly appreciaded


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If budget is an issue you might want to take a look at the L2M. It’s very similar to the L2P in reality just a lot cheaper.

Re: the drop in. Afraid I don’t know anything about the one you’ve listed. But it’s probably cheap enough to take a punt on. I don’t know how hard it’s driven, so while it might be bright it might not be the brightest option available.

When you say 1 mode, is there a reason for needing this?

Solarforce offer some XM-L U2 drop in’s in 1, 3 & 5 modes. I’ve got the 3 mode one. It has memory, so will turn on in the mode you left it, although with a forward clicky switch momentary only sort of works as you can end up cycling through the modes if you turn it off/on too quickly.

I don’t know how the 1 mode compares or if it’s driven the same.

On this note, what batteries are you planning to use?

I’m a big believer in quality batteries are worth their money and cheap ****flames are not worth the money. Crap batteries will offer poor performance always.

Same with a charger, by a quality one that is safe.

But I ask about batteries as drop in’s have different voltage ranges. Some will only work with 1×18650, but the one you’ve listed works up to 8.4v, in my experience with the Solarfoce drop in that is also 8.4v it works much better with two batteries rather than one. One batter isn’t as bright and it falls out of regulation quickly.