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Preview - Out of the Box Comments - Shadow S-L3

Sometimes a light comes into Foy's life and it's love at first click.  So it is with my new Shadow S-L3.  It's so bad, I simply must express how stumble-fall-down-stupid happy I am so far with this perfectly sized triple . . .

Unlike some of you heavy hitters, Foy owns just two other triple XM-L flashlights; the Sky Ray 818 and the Dry.  This little guy spanks the Sky Fail by a good 21% according to my meter.  Although it of course, trails the Dry on turbo (30% less bright) it is actually brighter on high than the Dry is on high . . . and does it with the prettiest 3C tint you've ever seen . . .

My desk lamp has it looking rather gold in these hasty pics but it actually has a nice gun metal finish.  Int'l Outdoor Store's site says it's type III but Foy is doubtful.  I'll know better after I've used it at work a while . . .

Just wanted to share some of what is rocking my world so much with this light, starting with the latest XM-L2, which I absolutely love.  I immediately wanted this light when I saw the reflector.  So many triples are crowded into a small head and are often too shallow.  With the S-L3, each XM-L2 sits deep within three large reflectors so, I'm hoping to see a little reach.

Also, when I removed the lens for cleaning, I discovered how unbelievably thick this reflector is.  It is 10mm or more thick in some places and feels like a damn paperweight, all by itself.

The other reason I like the S-L3 so much is its small form factor.  Too many triples are either too long or too fat.  I am worried the handy size may come at the expense of run time . . . we shall see.

Anyway, thanks for allowing me to burden you with my sloppyexcitement.  Review to come . . .



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Reading how you get a kick out of the smallest of details entertains the heck out of me. So much so that I’m vicariously enjoying whatever light about which you’re raving or deploring. The requisite photos are splendid, as well. Carry on.

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Nice insight. I wanna see this baby lit next to a King.

Wheres awesomebeamshotfoy ?

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No you didn’t burden us here. The FL you’ve shown us here looks really awesome. The color gets me.

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Thats it. I am buying one..

How bright is bright enough...

Runtime VS Lumens...

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Always a pleasure.
Sweet preview. Sweet light! Smile

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Does this run on the unprotected 18650 ultrafire battery? or would the battery no be able to withstand the amps needed?

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My guess. It would not deliver the amps needed unless you have been very lucky with the quality of your Ultrafire. If it did deliver, it would probably not do it for a long period of time. This light should draw about 4,5A.

Tests HKJ have done on various Ultrafire 18650 batteries seems to show somewhere between bad and terrible/useless performance at 5A.

My first two li-ion batteries were Ultrafire 18650.
One would not deliver more than about 2,3 amps. And the one who seemed to manage about 3+ amp stopped working within a few days.. Silly
Got rid of them within a week since I did not want them in my house. Only quality batteries for me since then…

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