Sunwayman D40A (XM-L2 | 4 x AA) Review

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I just got one from Wallbuys last instant kill game for $54.80 and it should be here Monday Smile They haven’t done too bad lately getting packages to me here in the USA in 8-10 days.

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Guys, there was a reason for the obscure mathematical references to price.

Now that you've posted prices here in plain text, I wonder if Sunwayman will come down heavy on DoingOutdoor the way they did with Fasttech.

Seems they are also a company that doesn't want their outlets listing prices below MAP.

Ah well....

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Well, I was checking my D40A emitter for centering, admiring the orange peel, etc. All with the emitter within 18 inches of my face. Need I say more?
Yes, I accidentally hit the on switch. OOOH WEEE! A face full of furious D40A! Fortunately, I keep the mode set to medium (220 lumens). It must have taken me about 5 minutes to recover.
Note to self: Keep the mode set at low (30 lumens) going forward. This is not a tail clicky, and it’s not your father’s incan.


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Bill from says that his D40A in neutral white is a 4C tint.

Can anyone verify this ? I can’t find their listed specs about the tint anywhere…

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I like what I see with this light, but I’m not willing to pay their asking price considering the other options. $50 is a bit steep IMO, but at $80-90 no thanks!

Seeing them enforce MAP pricing has really eroded my image of them, guess they want to be too “premium” for their customers.

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I got one from doingoutdoor, not sure which tint number it is, but it surely looks neutral to me ;)!

And yes, this light is pricey, however it is considered to be sort of higher quality, premium’ish brand.

That doesnt meant your light will be perfect upon reception, some have had issues with theirs.