Another giveaway thread... winners sirockalot and NightCrawl

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Another giveaway thread... winners sirockalot and NightCrawl

Well, I'm just not talkative enough to make 1000 posts any time soon, but I'm coming up on my 2 year anniversary. So what the heck -- let's have a giveaway.

This giveaway ends in 2 weeks, or thereabouts. Snooze = lose.

To make this a little different than a straight giveaway, I'd like to give some credit to the folks that spend time on here either showing off their creations, doing reviews, answering questions, entertaining us, or all of the above. *To qualify, you must post the name of one (just one!) BLF member you've found helpful/funny/impressive.*

Your name will go into one pool. The respected member's name will go into another pool. One individual from each pool will be chosen at random.

This thing is open to absolutely everybody with a mailing address on the planet. One and only one entry per person. Multiple posts in this thread get you disqualified.

I'll choose prizes based entirely on whim. I might send something directly, or the winner might get something shipped from one of our friendly vendors. Chances are fair to middling that the prizes are nice.


Winners! as chosen by

Pool one (regular BLF members):
#92, sirockalot

Pool two (nominated BLF members):
#26, so the winner is NightCrawl, as nominated by Chicken Drumstick

I appreciate that choosing just one member to nominate was tough, but thanks to everyone for playing.

PM incoming to winners.


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I'm going to go ahead and nominate Old-Lumens.  His passion for the hobby is about as pure as I've seen and his influence here is enormous.



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I’m in! Respect ma authoritay! hahahaha….

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Yes so many! But I thank PilotPTk for his time in doing my DIY PCB layout. Beer

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I'm in and I'm going to recognize Match for all he's done to make BLF a legitimate source of info not found elsewhere. He has inspired me the most! Smile

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I have enjoyed the many reviews done by the Foy long before i knew about BLF that guided my purchasing decisions

There are just too many good BLFers to choose from

After seeing so many good names of great members on this thread i wish i didn’t have to pick one, there are so many others that deserve to be nominated

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Always helpful  and does interesting mods .

 thanks for the giveaway ..good idea

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So tough to choose just one. OK, RaceR86 it is. Mods, emitter database, reviews, funny stories about battles with SRKs; good times Big Smile

Welcome the night.

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I’m in and I hate to pick just one, but I’ll go with relic38. He’s just cool. Always real helpful to any and all.

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Would like to nominate several members from what I’ve read so far. But, Old-Lumens gets a vote from me.

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To Arjay, the first to guide me where to send my money!

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Too many good folk here to mention just one.

But if I must, E1320 was very kind to Fishmaniac by offering some cells for free a whiles back. Thanks again bud.

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I’m not going to enter but would like to nominate two people instead if this will be possible. The one and only Old Lumens because he is going to cut me some big lenses for me. Oh, I’d also better mention that he has confused me more than anyone else here. Secondly a person that has wild dreams and even wilder abilities to make the impossible possible, most times. Mr rufusbduck.


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Thanks ruffles. I am in. There are lots to choose from but I will nominate Don. I got started here reading oneof his reviews.

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At this rate, OL will get half of the votes! Big Smile
Or do all the nominees have the same chance?

I vote for Dimbo the Blinky, always posting great feedback.

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I want to thank Pulsar for his enlightening posts too!

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Well this forum is amazing so i will suggest some users.

Comfychair, B42, Dale, relic38, the, rdrfronty, JohnnyMac, Tom E, Bean darach, gords1001 and many many more Smile

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I nominate Chicago X, one of my first posts here was entering a giveaway of his.

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So hard to choose from so many great BLF members, but Foy just sent me an awesome SolarForce L2i light I won as a free giveaway prize.

He gave away one of his beloved light’s just to share the love of great lights to others. This is what BLF is all about.

I nominate Foy.

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If I were to enter and win, I would just have to turn around and give it away again, but I just wanted to vote for Match. Several years ago, when I left CPF in a huff, I dropped out of flashlights for quite a long time. Accidentally stumbling in here was because of reading a couple of Match's modding threads and he's the reason I decided to start back up again and do it here at BLF.

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I vote HJK for his endless supply of extremely informative battery/charger reviews.


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I'm in. There are so many wonderful contributors here that choosing only one is quite difficult. I'll vote for HKJ for his seemingly tireless testing of cells, chargers and other things electronic.

Edit: You beat me by ONE second!Cool

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There are so many awesome BLF members that I would like to nominate...

ruffles wrote:

*To qualify, you must post the name of one (just one!) BLF member you've found helpful/funny/impressive.*

Hey, that's no fun!  I wanted to list a bunch of BLF celebrities.


Okay, after careful consideration, I pick Boaz.  He's one of the funniest guys on BLF, and he's always been friendly with me.


(Thanks for the giveaway, ruffles!  Be careful with that cigarette!)

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I nominate Rusty Joe.

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I think scaru did a great job too.

Loveley idea for a giveaway.

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Nightcrawl for sending me some Nichia219’s for my first proper modding attempt.

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I’ll nominate Johnny Mac…

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Another vote for HKJ, his battery and charger tests are a valuable asset to this community.

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Yes, it’s hard to pick just one… Ok, mattthemuppet once helped me make the right choice Smile

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I’m going to nominate garrybunk, his threads on lights for mining surveys really got me hooked as I love practical uses for the lights we build.

that said, I could add 20 names to that list
, why has texaspyro not got a nomination yet?

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There are so many people here who contribute so much to the forum, some for such a long time already...

But being quite new in the forum myself , I vote for a another relative newcomer, who is very dedicated to the forum: RaceR86