FastTech's recent pricing changes

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FastTech's recent pricing changes

I know some of y’all are already aware of this, but here is just a data point in regard to how MAP is creating pricing mayhem Fasttech. Two weeks or so ago I was getting ready to buy a few lights from these guys. The one light I really wanted was the Sunwayman D40A. There were a half dozen additional lights also. Someone here pointed out that the price on the D40 jumped big time and I decided not to get it. I had it booked mark at $52.61 and it is currently at $79.93; that’s an increase of nearly 52%.

WTH! Seriously? Overnight? And all because of MAP you say? Interesting…

So here is what I ordered.

Sunwayman C10R purchased at $40.73; currently at $48.06; an increase of nearly 18%
Sunwayman M11R purchased at $49.77; currently at $53.35; an increase of nearly 7%
UltraFire UF-H2B purchased at $26.12; currently at $27.50; an increase of nearly 0.05%
X-Power Galaxy purchased at $26.62; currently at $27.56; an increase of nearly 0.05%
Cree XML-T6 purchased at $11.22; currently at $11.81
Nitecore EA4W purchased at $53.04; currently at $69.03; an increase of over 30%

The order total a mere two weeks ago- $207.50

The same order today- $237.31

The difference? $29.81; or 14%

Again, WTH! That’s a pretty big jump in a very short time, no?

So my question is, given the fact that only the major brands have the “Prices displayed below are constrained by manufacturer’s minimum advertised price (MAP) policy. For bulk orders, contact us for competitive quotes.” notice and prices are clearly up across the board, albeit marginally on some stuff, are we really to believe that MAP is entirely to blame? Or is it, now that they hooked us with super low prices, we are being reeled in?

And does that matter to any of us?

BTW, the stuff arrived very well packed and right quick too, so really, a pretty good experience overall.

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Contact them about “bulk pricing” in non-bulk quantities. That’s the rumor I’ve heard anyway.

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MAP is minimum Advertised price. There’s nothing preventing FT from continuing to charge lower actual prices.

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Definitely send them a request for bulk pricing!

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My question is budget brand like Ultrafire applies MAP as well? That is interesting.