Why is Exduct site down?

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Why is Exduct site down?

What up with Exduct? I have been wanting to order a few more knives and keep checking their website but it has been down most of the summer. Any info?

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I think there are still bugs preventing them from reopening the site (see Jacky’s post). You can use their Aliexpress store though.

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The new site is up..but they are still in the midst of adding their knives into the site…you can go view their site and take note of the changes made…there have been many changes to how they are selling their knives eg. free shipping and % discounts on different amounts of $$ spent…

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just to archive jacky from other thread chloe linked:

jackyhu wrote:
Hi, Guys,

First i apologize for my late.
i bring some updating news here:

In order to collect all question in one place simply, instead do checking hundreds of mails
via several webmails. in future,pls send all question to the support center (support.exduct.com)
or mail to “support @exduct.com” (in fact,this mail also connect to the same ticket system…)

Our old exduct website have already running many years,Now we wants to keep site in high Security,
to fix more bugs in site, we need do the upgrading on web server and PHP scripts…

we now meet a bug problem during the order checking out page.
so i suggest do not order at present,you can choose our aliexpress store instead, if you hurry up to use paypal,you could to pay via “paypal button” under Exduct order details page.
one more thing is need waiting us to update the “Confirmed status” in manual.

When new Exduct site upgrading completed, you would find lower price,and all orders will changes to
support “Free shipping worldwide” ,so you would never thinking that Exduct ask “1 arm” or 1 leg”
on the shipping cost from total order amount.

you will find that Exduct will keep strongly the most competitive position between other China vendors.

Since during this times, many new China vendors generated from the aliexpress stores.
China market are growth multiples,it become “fierce and tragic”,more and more China vendors fighting at sale price,
copy idea together. even more and more scam follow up…

This is the trend, we can not stop it at all, but we can to be innovative,
It’s the time for us to make changes…

New Exduct site will change all product at lower price and Free shipping,
because of this reason, we will stop to send the recurrent discount coupon for each orders,

instead, customer only have their lucky coupon code taken via Newsletters,
or some other markting program.

This Coupon affiliate program will also not support in new site,
we only keep that affiliate link program in future.

Now all here exist Winners, or other people who still have affiliate coupon value remain
we would be grant,do not worry.

We bring 2 options today:

1) Urgently to used the winning coupons,pls open a support ticket.
and we would send it at once. you have to wait us to update the order status in manual.

2) Not very hurry to use the coupon,pls just waiting till new Exduct site upgrading finish.
It is worth to waiting,because new website will bring lower price and free shipping all products.

Thanks for all friends here.

Yours Sincerely !

Jacky Hu

now that the new site is up i hope jacky can explain how past raffle winners and people with affiliate coupon value can claim remaining funds.
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So far the prices I have seen are higher than before. You get free shipping but obviously they raised prices to cover shipping. Everyone offers free shipping but Exduct had the best price before shipping. If you wanted a bunch of knives, Exduct was the place to shop.