Celebrating 1,000 Posts Giveaway - ImA4Wheelr (Winner Selected)

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Celebrating 1,000 Posts Giveaway - ImA4Wheelr (Winner Selected)

The winner is:

Contrats tivo532! Enjoy your purchase. Mia from Aurabuy should PM the coupon code to you tonight. Let me know if you don’t get it.

Thanks to everyone that participated. Thanks to Aurabuy for doubling the prize!

NOTE: Man, I wanted a big window so everyone would have a chance to join. Kind of went over board. I feel like I will hit 2000 posts by the time this is done.

Since I’m approaching 1,000 posts, it’s my turn to continue the BLF tradition of hosting a giveaway. It is a honor to give something back to the community that has given me much knowledge, comradery, and spending opportunities.

Shipping out of the US is expensive and troublesome at times. I want any BLF member, anywhere in the world to be able to win. So I’m giving away an Aurabuy coupon. I am contributing $30 and Aura has pledged to match my $30. That means the winner will get $60 coupon to purchase the product or products of his/her choice from their website.

Rules are simple:

  • BLF Member since July 14th or earlier.
  • One entry person. Subsequent multiple entries are disqualified.
  • Just tell us what product or products you would likely apply the coupon towards.
  • Winner will be selected on August 15th, using Random.org. * If a disqualified post is selected, the next qualifying post will be the winner.

I understand that there are some here with hardened feelings towards Aura. I respect your opinions, but ask that this thread not be used as an opportunity to express them. It would be nice to keep my first giveaway a positive celebration of my small BLF milestone.

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thanks! count me in! #1 never wins though lol



i would use it towards the sunwayman v11r. its not ti like i would love to have, but the the only way ill be getting a v11r anytime soon

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Congrats on the upcoming 1000 posts! Beer
(oooh, coming up on 3k myself… 2k feels like it was yesterday…)
Edit: re-read the rules. I’d probably go for this:
Looks good!

Welcome the night.

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Thanks for the giveaway! Lucky number 3!

I like the SWM V11R as well. Smile

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Aww, count me in! I never win anything!

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Congratulations and thank you for the giveaway…Please count me in

Jacob A60 and some Panasonics would be nice

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I want in Smile don’t know what to buy yet, but something of good quality
since I never win anything, what does it matter? Big Smile
edit: I would love this
and maybe some panasonics

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Count me in please ! Flashlight gear is definitely what I’d go for. An S10 or clone thereof.

Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on the 1000th post ! :bigsmile:

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count me in. thank you for the chance. i’m thinking i would go with the hd 2010

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I am in, thanks for the giveaway. I’m going to take a look at aura buy, and edit my post later
this light is nice : http://www.aurabuy.com/sunwayman-t20cs-cree-xm-l-u2-6-mode-658-lumen-pow...


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Wow, another giveaway. Everyone on BLF tells me to get a Convoy so if I win I would get something similar!!!

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Count me in.  I'll update post later with a selection Smile

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Thanks for the giveaway!

Count me in.

Klarus XT2C cree XM-L T6 is what I will get if I win.

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Count me in and congratulation on your 1000th post

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maybe I can win a light for the first time.
thanks ImA4Wheelr, I’d be glad to have a Sunwayman light with magnetic control ring Big Smile
or a pair of Trustfire Mini 01 & 02 plus the 16340 batteries will make me please too Silly

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I would probably buy a multi emitter light like a SRK and a pocket thrower

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Thanks for the giveaway and count me in.
I’ll probably go for this. :bigsmile:

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Congratulations on 1000 posts!

If I win, I would consider this one.. 3 emitter HD2010..

+ another light..
PM me if I win!

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Thanks, count me in!

I like the Sunwayman C20C Cree XM-L U2 6-Mode 450-Lumen Innovative Tactical-on Flashlight (2*CR123A / 1*18650) – Black and a pair of Panasonics.
And http://www.aurabuy.com/panasonic-ncr18650b-protected-rechargeable-3400ma... if they fit.

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Count me in and I wish to apply it on the Trustfire TR-J18.

Thank you very much man. Smile

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Thanks for the giveaway I’mA! Count me in please

The SKY RAY 3XT6-850 looks like a really nice light. I might get that or the Ultrafire HD2010 which I’m REALLY hoping does not output 390 lumens max! lol!

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Thanks for the giveaway and count me in. I’ll probably buy a couple of this

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..Count me in and thank you very much (..as well as Aurabuy) for the nice and really generous givaway!! Mmm…$60!!

If i will be lucky, i will buy some led bedside lamps http://www.aurabuy.com/flashlights-lights-lasers/led-light.html

and possibly an entry level wireless IP camera for the house. http://www.aurabuy.com/products/wanscam.html

very considerate of yours to think the overseas members as well Smile

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i’m in!

i’d like to buy some quality batteries for my BTU shocker if i win

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I would either go with:
Sunwayman C15A to give to my brother
or 2x Palight H900 (and keep one for me)

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What I do


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Congratulations on the upcoming 1000th.
Will probably go for batteries, charger, meter, …

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In for the win — Jacobs A60 + battery


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I’m in… I’m in….. Big Smile
If I win will go for Sunwayman V10A
Thanks you.