Is the king dead, do we have a new one?

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Is the king dead, do we have a new one?

This one has been mentioned recently here, but I thought that it deserves its own thread!

I noticed that theres new NiMh charged with advanced features in town, one that looks to have way more to offer than C9000 can:
SkyRC NC2500 aka Revogi NC2500

Priced around 100$/euros this seems like considerably more expensive than C9000. has it for 80 euros +shipping for EU customers and for those outside of EU they have it VAT free for 60 euros +shipping.

So, what do you guys think?

Anyone willing to order one?

I think that its awesome to be able to have all the additional data displayed on smartphone, however, bluetooth+fan means that there are more parts to break in the future and without fan it looks like batteries and charger itself might overheat pretty easy compared to C9000 which takes that into consideration and works just fine without fan.

What also makes me concerned is that you can buy it for 91$ shipped worldwide from goodluckbuy meaning that it might not come with the quality and customer service that has been one of the strongest sides of Powerex/Memorex branded chargers by MAHA, Im yet to find C9000 sold at Chinese vendors(other than Taobao but those seem to be intended more for domestic-Chinese market than international).

I also believe that such product from unknown company should cost not more than 40$ shipped unless they have stellar reputation and customer service!

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Really, really nice. Someone will have to review it to see how it performs.