Anyone try the new 2400mAH Duracell 'Ion Core' NiMH batteries?

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Anyone try the new 2400mAH Duracell 'Ion Core' NiMH batteries?

Has anyone seen these new 2400mAH NiMH AA batteries at Walmart? They claim to hold a charge for a year. So it would appear they are LSD batteries. And they are made in Japan with black tops. But they’re definitely NOT the same battery as the green top Duracell 2450 cells. It kind of makes me wonder whether they are rebadged Eneloop XX’s. Duracell claims the batteries will last five years (pretty good). But only time will tell if they actually last.

I actually bit the bullet and bought a set (they’re $11 for four). And so far, they seem pretty good. Unfortunately, I don’t have a charger that has an analyzer feature. So I don’t know how well they live up to their rating. But from a runtime standpoint, they look like they are actually pretty good in terms of capacity.

Has anyone tried these batteries, or charged them on a charger like a Maha 9000? If so, what kind of capacity have you been able to measure?

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