Working with the OEM ak-47 Driver board (9xT6)

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Working with the OEM ak-47 Driver board (9xT6)

Hello Everyone, I’ve looked at (disassembled and modified) several ak-47 (Trustfire) flashlight and even switched out an OEM driver board with the KD ($20 ish) higher powered driver board for this 9xT6. Here’s some data on the OEM (Original Equip Mfg) driver board in case you just need quick flashes (less than 60sec) of light at higher intensity than a stock ak-47 can do. This is the stock/OEM driver board for ak-47 9xT6 [URL=][IMG] Notice the two resistors are 2 ohms and 0.82 ohm with a space open. 2 ohms // 0.82 ohm = 0.581 ohms Any third resistor R3 added to the space would be in parallel with this 0.581 ohm equivalence. Here’s some data: