ThruNite Archer 1A clip problem

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ThruNite Archer 1A clip problem

I recently bought a used ThruNite Archer 1A from a forum member because I wanted another 1AA light to possibly leave in my truck. The listing for this light was very forthright in saying that the light did not work when the clip was installed. I decided to take a chance, since I wanted a project, and the owner said it worked fine without the clip.

I received the Archer 1A today, and it was precisely as described. On closer inspection I found why the light did not work with the clip installed, and told the seller what I had found. We both had a good laugh, and he asked that I post what I had found, as several other owners of these lights had been having the same problem when he had originally been trying to find out why it didn’t work properly. With that in mind, here is the “solution” to the “clip problem” with some Archer 1A’s :bigsmile: .

In this photo you will be able to see the installed clip in the groove on the body of the Archer. Notice that the clip retaining ring is tightened against the top of the clip. When the tailcap is screwed tight against the retaining ring, the light will not work at all. The former owner said he emailed ThruNite nearly a dozen times, including sending videos of the problem, and received no solutions.

After inspecting this situation I thought I might know what was going on, so I disassembled the light by removing the clip, and then removing the o-ring from the body tube where the tailcap screws on. This allowed me to unscrew the clip retaining ring from the body, and sure enough there was a recess on one side that was designed to hold the clip in place. The only problem was that the ring had been installed upside down!!! Shocked

See the red arrow pointing to the ledge in the retaining ring, which is actually the screw threads.

I then reassembled the light with the retaining ring in the proper orientation, added the clip, put the o-ring back into place, and put in a battery. I pushed the rear clicky, and was rewarded to a properly functioning ThruNite Archer 1A Smile !

Note the space between the tailcap and the clip retaining ring now. This is with the tailcap screwed on tightly so that proper connection is made between the body and tailcap.

This light might not be the smallest around, but the beam is really nice. I think it might be too nice to leave in my truck. The only “problem” now, is that I’ll have to look for another “project”. :bigsmile: