New 3D Defiant 625L LED FL @Home Depot

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greatbigwall wrote:
Isn't that the same price as it was before?

Yes, but I don't think it was supposed to be sold before now. When first listed it said out of stock online. I was available for a few days, some ordered it then it was out of stock again. Probably a mistake. 

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I grabbed another one. Thanks for reminding me! :bigsmile:

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Interesting, most of the lights that have been discussed here on BLF recently are on "Special Buy", but the prices are the same as before.

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Just got one of these. Awesome light for $20. It sports a decently driven xml2 (U2 I imagine) and seems really well built. Feels like a billy club when holding it. Unfortunately it has a plastic lens and reflector, but once again for $20, it’s a beast!

I reflowed the led to a Sinkpad, and grounded out the negative. Not sure about led current, but I measured 2.8a at the tail, vs the original 1.6a. Not bad for the stock D alkaleaks.

I REALLY like this torch, and plan on buying a few more for people for gifts. It’s an impressive light.