6V charge controllers

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6V charge controllers

I’m currently toying around with a stepper motor that I plan on using as a bike dynamo and a wind generator which will be hooked up to a 6 volt battery. The idea here being to have a modular design so that I can charge a 6 volt battery at lower rpms if I had the need to and wire 2 6 volt batteries in series to get a 12 volt battery.

My problem is that there doesn’t seem to be a lot of choices when it comes to using a 6 volt charge controller, I’ve only found one that seemed adequate from googling .

CMP-03 Data Sheet
Rated Voltage:DC6V,DC12V
Max Current:3A
voltage of solar panels:18W(6V);36W(12V)
Charge-stop Voltage: 7.2V
Coefficient of Stop Voltage and Temp:-3mV/degree C/cell
Supply-stop Voltage:5.3V
Supply-resume Voltage:6V


Another option would be using the LM2596 chip sold on ebay but I’ve no idea as to how well that would work.