Looking for PIC based Drivers

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Looking for PIC based Drivers

I'm looking for PIC based drivers, wondering what is around?


My Primary goal is to run a triple XP-G, or XM-L single, from a single cell. My first thoughts point to a 8x7135 with a PIC MCU, So I was wondering is anyone knows of where I can still get PIC ones. I know the Nanjg 105 was at some stage PIC based, but have mostly been ATMEL. I just got one recently that is ATMEL based. 


Alternatively, I am willing to try other set-ups depending on what drivers are actually available, so really, any PIC based drivers would be worth considering.  


Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.

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I ordered several 105's in an atempt to get a PIC version, but no luck.  I really would like to have a look at the code on one of those, just to see what they are doing.