CREE Q5 LED, first review

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CREE Q5 LED, first review

Received this from T-Mart

- adjustable light modes
- adjustable zoom
- made of a relatively durable metal material, not too heavy
- wrist strap included, good for just hanging the flashlight up
- easy to use

- did not work with AA, at least not my Sanyo Eneloops
- power button is very sensitive, I found myself accidentally switching modes often

Key Features LED Flashlight
Lamp Assembly CREE Q5 LED
Input Voltage DC 3.7V
5 Mode Output Max – High – Low – Strobe – SOS
Output Power 3W
LED Life Time 10000 hours
Power by 1 x AA battery/14500 battery/(not included)
Material Aluminum alloy (Body), Lens (Glass)
Dimensions 5.23” / 13.3cm (Length); 1.57” / 4cm (Head Diameter); 0.83” / 2.1cm (Body Diameter)
Weight 107g / 3.77oz

Compared to the Cree Q3 light on the same site, I would find the brightness of this flashlight to be not as bright. The Q3 will warm up after use, but the Q5 does not. The Q5 is obviously bigger and easier to hold in the hands, while the Q3 is more compact. (Q3 is on the left, the larger Q5 is on the left)

After asking a friend about the incompatibility issue with the AA vs 14500 battery, I think it may be a voltage issue? My eneloop only outputs 1.2V while the 14500 that works outputs 3.6V.

Overall, not a bad flashlight. I wish there was more details provided for the type of battery fitting the flashlight though.

Thanks for reading!

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Looks as big as my 502b clone, and that puts out a LOT of light.

Seems like the Q3 (sk68 clone) is the better choice.

Still a bit dim