AliExpress message spam

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AliExpress message spam

Has anyone else received spam messages from sellers on AliExpress? I am thinking to deactivate my account as I don’t want these messages and there seems no way to disable messaging.

I had a look at the complaint system but there is nothing for unsolicited messages. >.<

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Yes from 'Will Smith' of all people. I knew After Earth sucked but this is sad!

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I just got 2 of them... annoyed.

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Yes, same here.

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Yep 3 today and not from anyone I had previously ordered from.

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I got 2 today I’m my message box, both pimping the same site.

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I blocked them from my mail account last week. Haven’t had any more.

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Le sigh.

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I get some but hasn't reached a really irritating level yet.

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I got one. When I get more, I will set a filter to delete them.

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got 3 of them today |(

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2 for me today, I really wish there was a way to lock your account to prevent unwanted emails.