4,000 Post Give-Away! Now Closed! (Available to Non-US / Non-Canadian Members Only!)

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4,000 Post Give-Away! Now Closed! (Available to Non-US / Non-Canadian Members Only!)

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last couple of years on BLF and have especially enjoyed the generosity of many BLF members here.  So in keeping with BLF tradition, and celebrating the fact that my well-known Defiant Super Thrower thread hit the 1,000th post mark this weekend along with my 4,000th post, I am giving away a brand new Defiant Super Thrower BUT with a twist!  Since US & Canadian residents have already enjoyed the unfair opportunity of obtaining this light (while the innocent international members stand by and drool), I am only allowing non-US / non-Canadian residents to enter this give-away so that one of them may also enjoy this light.  I am also not allowing to participate those international members who have been fortunate enough to have US members ship them this light (sorry Gords1001 & MrsDNF).  I realize that there may be international members that I am unaware of having obtained a Defiant Super Thrower, so I'm working on the honor system here. 


- You must have joined BLF on or before 9/8/2013.
- Only 1 post per member please (more than one post will disqualify you)
- US or Canadian Members Posting anything in this thread will be disqualified from future Give-Aways (same goes for international members who already have this light)
- Post/Comment # is your number
- You may post anything you wish (but remember you can only post once)
- Winner will be selected via random.org on 9/23/2013 8:30AM EST (GMT -4 hours) (or as close as my schedule permits)
- I will cover all shipping costs, but I won't be responsible if the shipment is lost.
- Light will be removed from the plastic blister pack for shipping, but will include the batteries.
- Winner will be notified via PM and must respond within 48 hours with their address, or a new winner will be chosen.
- If random.org picks a post number of an ineligible entry, I will have random.org choose another post number until it chooses one that is eligible.

[EDIT]: I realize that some users do not list their location.  Please use the honor system!  I will know when you PM me your shipping address anyway!  Also, your post count does not matter.  Anyone joined prior to 9/8/2013 is eligible.  [/END OF EDIT].

The light will be in original, un-modded form and comes with 3 alkaline batteries.  Be aware that this light does have a plastic reflector, plastic lens (AR Glass lens available at CNQG now), and is single mode only.  For any other details about this light please see the original thread linked above. 

Here is a photo of the light:

Size in the hand:


Original Store Display Photo:


Beamshot stock on alkalines (785' to the white garage door on the beige house):


Thanks & have fun!

*****Sept. 23rd, 2013*****

Giveaway is now closed and a winner has been selected:

And the winner is . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Post #53!  Congratulations fyesilova!


In the unlikely event that no one enters the give-away, I will keep the light for myself.

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First post and first in line Big Smile

Cheers David

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Nothing to see here folks, move along...

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Nice give away.  I don't qualify, but I think it is really cool that you are offering this to members who don't have access to them.  Congrats on 4K!

EDIT: The congrats stands even though I will never qualify again Smile

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You are very considerate of this little boy in the corner shop.


There's no doubt I'd turn this into a MT-G2 baby if I get my hands on it.

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i am in,thanks.

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Pretty awesome, thanks for the giveaway!
Congrats to your 4K posts, you’ve been one of the most helpful members around here. Smile

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i’m in! thanks

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I am in for the DST. Thanks for the very kind giveaway Garrybunk!

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Cheers on the 4K and thanks for the giveaway. Another one to mod if I can get my hands on it Big Smile

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Sweet glowing lumens of the generous humans!

Post anything we want, huh? I’ll have to check with the central bureaucracy if that’s allowed without a 247-13. If so, you’ll still have to file for a blanket variance for us, temporarily declaring this to be a racetrack, casino or other house of worship.

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Oh dear, I really want it. My biggest light is a L2P and this would be an awesome addition to my “collection”.

I´m in, thanks!

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wow! hahah i dont think my post count on all my forums add up to 4000.:P

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Just to say congratulations on the 4,000 posts.

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All posts above mine need to repost to be entered Wink

Hey, you did say we can post anything Silly

Thanks OP for this generous offer Smile

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Congratulations Garry, you are one of the people that make blf such a friendly place Smile , keep posting!

And I love one of those monster lights!

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Me, me, me.. WANT THIS LIGHT! Smile

Ill guarantee a mod thread (although it might take several months).

Congratulations on your 4000 posts Garry!   Party  Really nice giveaway!  Smile

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Bigger is better!

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I also shall mod this illumination device to the best of my abilities should I be lucky enough to become the winning subject of this draw.

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Really would love to have this light. This is really nice. Congrats on your 4k. Smile

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count me in please.
thank you garrybunk!!

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I am in, thanks…

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Congrats on the milestone.
Count me in. Smile

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Count me in please Smile

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Oh my …

Drooling already.

Would happily join. Thanks a lot

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Thank you for the generosity showed here GB. I hope who ever gets it will love it Smile

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Congratulations on the 4,000th post and thanks for the giveaway.

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I’m in, thanks for the giveaway.

Congrats on 4000 posts.

Usually I don’t participate in giveaways due to them all using Li-ion batteries (or being US only) but this is one I can use.

Good luck to everyone.

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The flashlight could be a really nice one. Please count me in Smile

Light up the darkness.

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Congrats on the 4000 posts Mr bunk. Now go and get yourself a real life and when you do let me know how to do it. Smile


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It’s looks pretty, good luck for everyone.
Thank you!

On the road

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Congrats and thanks for the opportunity garrybunk. I’m definitely in. Hope it can wing its way across the pond.