eBay adjustable CC/CV module for 4.3v cell charging?

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I’m going to be putting together a little charger using the one RMM sells. For those that have this thing, how hot does it get at around 2amps? would it be fine in a small enclosed container?

Now for a question on the voltage overhead: If I were to add a female micro-USB connector as a secondary input, would it work at all on a standard USB charger as a power supply? Just ad a reduced rate? Or do I absolutely need more overhead than that?

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Hi everybody. First post here. I found this post while looking for an affordable way to charge a second battery I got for my Dell. Right now I have to charge the firts battery, remove it, put in the second one and charge it. I looked up the chargers over the web and they go for more than 60$. That’s a a steal. So I continued my search and found this little controller here, 6$ now Smile
Question: Where did you get the laptop battery connector you’re using. I will start looking for one now but wanted to know if you have a quick link for me. Thanks.

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This topic is old but, well… maybe someone could guide me. I have a module of these, LM2596 / LM2577, and would like to use it, not for charging batteries, but as regulator for an adjustable power supply, based on a power supply for ATX computers, for small experiences.

I intend to feed the module with 12v, to replace the trimpots that regulate the voltage and the current by potentiometers of the same value (10k), and fix these potentiometers in the panel of the adjustable power supply. I also want to adapt an LED on the panel that indicates when it is necessary to increase the current. For example, if the load requests 2A but the current adjustment potentiometer is set to 1A, I’d like this LED to light up. In other words I would like this LED to light every time the load requests more current. My doubts are:

1 – Which of the LEDs should I transfer from the PCB to the panel?
2 – How should I set the middle trimpot to turn on that LED each time the current is insufficient?

Thank you.

P.S .: Please excuse me for the English “Google Translator” and please, if I have not been able to make myself understood, ask me what is necessary. Thanks.