More items "restocking" at FastTech?

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More items "restocking" at FastTech?


I placed an order on 9/15, no batteries in it, but 2 of the items at the time said “ETA 9/18”.

Today, 9/21, my order still hasn’t shipped. One item in the order says “Restocking”, where it shows as “In stock” now (use to say “ETA 9/18”).

I was searching on the FT forums, and there’re several threads mentioning “Restocking”:

What is going on with this “Restocking” thing? Is FT having difficulty getting stock from their sources?

Also, why would the item show as “Restocking” in my order, but as “In stock” on their website? I have to assume that the latter is false… either that or whoever is putting orders together doesn’t realize that item is in stock?

This is really screwy!

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I think the stock status displayed on the product page isn’t accurate. If they showed the true status nobody would buy anything because almost everything would be out of stock.

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If it's like many large sellers over there, (and they have gotten large very fast), then their stock is not accurate, because they do not have an automatic inventory system. They put "In stock" on the item when they first list it, but it does not get updated, so they keep selling and then someone pulls an order and goes "Oops" and now it's not in stock and your order shows restocking. It's like DX and KD and the rest of them. They just don't seem to have any automatic system that is directly attached to their online order system. Maybe it's too hard for them to figure out, or it's too much money to put the system in, but either way, you can't trust "in stock" numbers from most overseas sellers. I have had that problem with all of them at one time or another. I never have that problem with US sellers like IS.

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I dont even trust stock numbers at my work.


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Some of their suppliers also took three days off over the recent holiday.