Problem with Fancy Flashlight

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Problem with Fancy Flashlight

I recent order SkyRay King, DQG 18650 EDC and a black XIAOZHI CREE XM-L T6.
The two first were ok, but the XIAOZHI was clearly defective, its turn off randomly and now even turn on.
Send two mails to Ric but he did not answer.
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Probably holiday overthere, never had issues with Ric just give it few days.

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It was a long holiday weekend and this weekend also hosted the biggest hurricane since 1984.

The low mode should be lower.

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Ric gets busy but always comes through.

My XIAOZHI just took a dump as well. It’s been in use for a while so I’m not going to send it back but I know that I would not put this light on my list of lights to buy. It was kinda off from the start so I think it had a bad driver from day one. I’ll end up modding it someday when I get around to it. Probably go for a high CRI in it. With a LOW low driver. When mine took a dump it took out the emitter as well.

I’m a junky, I mod lights so I can sell lights so I can buy more light to mod so I can sell lights to buy more lights to mod.

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Mine was having problems with the switch and doesnt turn off/on sometimes too after mostly very light use and a short time owning it. The light whines very loudly on medium, less on low mode as well. Ric has said he’d send me a replacement switch for the first problem, I’m sure he would for yours too.

After reviewing posts about it, it seems there are a lot of issues with the Xiaozhi model, I wonder if the Convoy that looks the same is any better quality?