Flash flashlight giveaway! (Winner Announced!) (Sponsored by Banggood)

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Flash flashlight giveaway! (Winner Announced!) (Sponsored by Banggood)

Update: Banggood has graciously reached out for me via PM about this thread and offered to provide the flashlight for this giveaway, so many thanks to them. When they refill their stock of the Olight A3T, it will be shipped to Adled (supplied by Banggood) and one to me (that I had originally ordered).

Winning video:

Sorry about the unexpected lyrics. Silly

Hey guys, I’m doing a flash flashlight giveaway!

Who: Any BLF member with 25+ posts. If you join BLF because of this giveaway, you need to promise to come back even after the giveaway has ended! (I joined BLF via a giveaway.)

What: The prize is the Olight A3T Titanium flashlight, announced here and shown here

When: Until

(9/26/13 5:00PM KST)

Where: Right here at BLF!

Why: I’m feeling generous. Smile
Plus, the light is on sale, special thanks to ChibiM and kreisler. They each get an additional ticket as well as Mr. Admin.


Share how BLF has changed/affected your life in your post. Your post number is the ticket number, so please one post per member.

Have fun! Smile

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Mr. Admin’s ticket. Smile

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ChibiM’s ticket. Smile

BLF ≠ B-grade Flashlight Forum


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kreisler’s ticket. Smile

BLF ≠ B-grade Flashlight Forum


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BLF has provided a friendly place and brightened my nights quite a bit.

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Ohhh nice. Thanks, ryansoh3. I’ve been wanting this one. Count me in pretty please.

BLF has changed my life because I was honestly starting to get jaded with the other sites out there dedicated to my hobbies. BLF showed me what a tight knit community of friendly and generous people is all about, and I am impressed by the amount of knowledge everyone has. I’ve been posting on boards as long as there have been boards to post on, and this is one of the best discussion forums I’ve ever seen of any kind.

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Ok, I belonged to LPF, under the same name for many years — I do lasers, too. But, I stumbled on this site, about a year ago, because I like flashlights, also. I quickly found how helpful, kind, and generous people were. I find spontaneity here, people are so genuine — kind: if you are not doing well in health, financially or otherwise, people just seem to immediately embrace you. Even when one looses a beloved pet, one can come here, and all feel the pain and offer their assistance. This forum is not quite like any on the net, sometimes I wonder if it might actually be Heaven, and all are really Angels — 0:) Well, maybe one or two Halos could use a little Silver (Gold) Polishing Big Smile Quite the cream of the crop, we have in this lot .. :bigsmile: Well, it has changed my life, seems more like home, sometimes, than home. Still might drop in on anyone of you and yours, for a Beer and a Couch to sleep on — 8) Cheers to the Best of the Net — and Hey, Mr. Admin, you are our Hero, Crown Beer Party Love


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BLF has made me a different person… >) now I am addicted to flashlights! My friends consider me a mad guy!

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BLF is a place full of knowledgeable and interesting members all over the world. Really feels like part of me now

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How fantastic , thank you ... 

Please dont include me , cos BLF helped me get over the Ton ( ^%*(&^%$%^*&)(*) BLF )   :bigsmile:

 Always remember , the easiest thing in the world to do , is to expel hot air from your lungs and through some vocal chords ..
The resulting sound may , or may not be worth listening too ….


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  BLF has caused me to reconsider whether having a paypal account was ever a good idea .

   Blf has taught me what a good light looks like ....what a bad light is ...and what  owning everything in between feels like .

  Nice giveaway

i'm in

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I may mostly just read rather then post but the friendly atmosphere has still improved my days.

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Thanks ryansoh3, BLF has changed my life by emptying my bank account. But, it is a good forum to learn more about lights and read reviews. Also, no Norm or Greta.

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Hey buddy Ryan,

Very nice giveaway. Please count me in too.

Btw, BLF has given me the feeling of brotherhood and fellowship among us.

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Thanks for the giveaway, ryansoh3!

BLF is a lot of fun.  It's a great place to research flashlights and to look for bargains.  There are plenty of interesting characters on the site.  I have made a few friends, and I feel welcome to an awesome community.  BLF gives me something to do when I'm bored, and I look forward to pages of new posts everyday.   Smile

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Ha! Count me in, thanks!
Changed my life? I now check it countless times daily and it showed me theres better torches out there than LED Lenser!

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count me in please. thanks for the giveaway.

how BLF changed/affected my life?

it gave me a hobby. keeping me sane (although non flashaholics think i am insane.)

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Im in! Thanks!

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Ooh shiny! Big Smile Thank you for the give away! Party

How has my life changed since BLF? Well, I’ve learnt a lot about flashlight-related technology. I’ve also had chance to meet some really nice people and enjoy being a part of a wonderful community.

Honestly, when I joined I did not think I would post much, just ask a few questions to help me decide which light to get. Here I am, eight months later; I can’t seem to leave! :bigsmile:

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In to win!

BLF makes an already fun hobby even more fun!

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BLF has cost me more money in torches than I would have ever imagined. When I joined I had an X8 and a Skyray 818. Both of those are long gone and in the process I have spent well over $1000 on “replacements”!

In saying that, I still don’t have a Titanium light! Thanks for the giveaway.

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BLF change my life in 2 ways:

- great friends
- Many useful advice
- great mod
- great place to share ideas, problems and anything else you have in mind!
- some funny post make my day when work is not going perfectly

- My wallet is crying!

"There are always new jobs, women, and apartments......there is only ONE BLF." - Chicago X (27/03/2012)

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Thank you. Very generous. How BLF has changed/affected my life.?

I’ve not been here long compared to some but I sort of feel at home here, my flash-light addiction was meant to get me out of the expensive hobby of being a knife-aholic.

The only thing it has done is to give me an unhealthy liking for shining Ultra Violet beams on things.

Also an addiction to the Solarforce L2 series, it hasn’t changed my buying knives.

In the true spirit of every forum – if you can’t decide, buy them both :exmark:

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Very nice and elegant giveaway!!

Please count me in.

This nice forum is a must for all flashalolics around and i am no exception Smile

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BLF got me into this flashlight thing and won’t let me out Big Smile

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count me in!

BLF has made me buy lots of flashlight, more than i need. but that’s usually how i do my budget hobbies, buying, trying/using (/hoarding? Oops ). i’m using my soldering station more than before i joined, and it’s nice doing some creative work, tinkering and thinking and doing (and re-doing, and re-doing in another way…)

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BLF taught me that budget (read: cheap) flashlights can be fun because they have a lot of options, compared to the expensives ones.

Thanks BLF!

I'm switching my BLF account into LumenZilla. Thanks!

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I joined BLF definitely not just for giveaway (although still hoping to be lucky one day). :bigsmile:

I started this flashlight hobby in early of year 2011, and I have been joinning this forum for almost two years. How does BLF change my life? Makes me poor and nearly starved living pass each day!

Ok for the serious note, gaining knowledge knowledge and knowledge. This community is very helpful and friendly, I am benefited from here A LOT, and I am serious.

From checking out once in a while, then daily basis, until now keep refreshing the BLF page even at my workplace! Oops

Thanks people for making this forum great, and thank you ryansoh3 for the generous giveaway!

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i joined BLF because i want to mod my light and every person in this forum is really nice and generous :bigsmile:

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blf provided lots of fun and info on new torches.. and has become an addiction for me, I have to check it every day!
so many great users, giveaways, reviews and deal alerts
thank you ryan and everyone!

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ryansoh3 wrote:

Share how BLF has changed/affected your life in your post.

Funny you ask, I have more flashlights and flashlight parts than I ever need and a lot less money in the pocket Oops
o, and a lot of knowledge in this field Wink