eBay seller "Great-deals-2014", thumbs up from me

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eBay seller "Great-deals-2014", thumbs up from me

eBay seller “Great-deals-2014”, thumbs up from me.

There are times we misjudge people. This is one such for me. This dealer gave me a pleasant surprise. This seller earned my trust.

My GeForce5200 AGP video card failed and I found one on eBay. I bid on it and bidding ended with me being the lone bidder. So, I got it at really good price $2.99 with free shipping. I waited on it for 11 days and nothing. Then I got an email from the seller that the item is damaged due to a warehouse fire and I got the full refund. The email also said “If I leave a positive review, if they come across something similar, they will ship it to me for free.”

I thought well, may be because $3 is just about as much as the cost of mailing, may be the seller is just giving me an excuse. The dealer is dangling free stuff so as not to get a negative review. I thought: positive review? No way. But since “fake fire” was my gut feel, I did not want to leave a negative feedback based on my gut feel alone. Yet I rely on the eBay feedback so I thought I should let others know of what I believed to be probably a fake fire excuse. My feedback was “Refunded after waiting 11 days (warehouse fire according to seller)” and left the “star” at neutral – not positive as requested, but not negative as my gut-feel was telling me. I really don’t want to make accusation based on my gut feel alone, yet every cell in my body was telling me “fake fire, fake fire…” I fully expect never to hear from them again.

I placed and won another bid from another seller (ATI 7000A). Today, my wife brought in another package: a GeForce AGP card from Great-deals-2014! Since they already refunded me, this is obviously at their cost. They would ship an item entirely at their cost post transaction just to square with customer, so it could not be a case of “fake fire” just to avoid shipping an item at little profit. So I was wrong. Now I believe the seller really did have a fire.

While I already have the ATI (with enough memory), the GeForce (with only 32meg which is not enough for my preferred 1600×1200×32bit color) is of little use. However, the seller did what he/she said he/she would do. In that, this dealer gained my trust! I misjudged this dealer in thinking they had a fake fire.

We all make mistakes – good that I refrained from a negative feedback or accused someone on mere gut feel alone.

I will do business with this eBay seller next time without hesitation.

One thumbs up for eBay seller Great-deals-2014


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Nice surprise... 

One thing that caught my attention is the fake fire.. I was directly thinking about trust fire, ultra fire, sure fire, no fire, fake fire........

Anyway..glad you had a good experience, even non flashlight related.