Manafont New Management Notice? Not accepting new orders!

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Manafont New Management Notice? Not accepting new orders!

I was attempting to make a small purchase from Manafont and got the notice that they are under new management and are making improvements, and are not accepting new orders at this time???

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That’s interesting. I bought something 2 days ago and I got an email today saying that it was sent to Hong Kong post. This must have happened very recently.

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I think this happened just yesterday.

I was actually kind of looking forward to see what comes up with this. I mean, MF has really been lagging behind for quite a while now. And the prices really needs “updating”. Smile

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and got a shipping notice on Wednesday.

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I ordered a UF AF 33 on 9-25-13 and a notice that it shipped on 9.25.13.
Tracking wasn’t updated until 10-12-13 and now it just says “started processing”
Same old tricks from Manafont — but I had manapoints to use up.
I wonder if they will cancel unused manapoints?

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I wonder if this new management will acknowledge that their return policy sucks.

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I can’t see any Iphone or android app.

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I sent a product inquiry 2 days ago and received a reply today. The response was good and professional.
New management and temporary closure of sales could only mean one thing:
Opening Specials!

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Hope you guys have more luck receiving your goods than i am ..

Ordered on Sept 2nd, mail to say posted via HK post on Sept 3rd …………….. but nothing delivered so far …

Tried mailing them for the past 2 weeks, just got one ‘check with post office yourself’ reply, all other mails have gone unanswered. Their ‘tracking number’ comes up and no trace … Hmmm

Opened a Paypal dispute now .. not impressed with their service

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I tried to go to their website a couple times this morning.  It wouldn't pull up.