How does the Sunwayman D40 compare to a C8?

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How does the Sunwayman D40 compare to a C8?

Hello all,

I was out with my daughter the other night for what she calls a “torch walk”. I had my Kaidomain C8 and I realised that I’d quite like some more light, both throw and maybe a little spill.

I’ve always fancied the Fenix TK41, but here in the UK it’s around £110. Then I stumbled on reviews of the D40.

So, does anyone know how it compares to the KD C8?

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I could only guess, based on owning a C12 XML2 U3 @ 3.6A and an EA4 for a bit. Their performance was pretty similar with the C12 having a bit of an edge. No idea how hot your KD C8 is, but the D40 is a little brighter than the EA4.

Hopefully someone with first-hand knowledge will show up and help you out! Wink

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i have the intl outdoor c8 v4 and the d40a

i would imagine pretty much any c8 would have more throw than the d40a

the d40a has a nice smooth beam though due to the orange peel reflector

Would you mind keeping the wrong flashlight?
Best wish, May
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