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Another P60 host


No way is any XP-E producing anything like 320 lumens at any sane drive current. It says it is a Q5 and I've not heard of any single Q5 outside lab conditions putting out that much light.


Camouflaged lights aren't my thing and this isn't all that cheap for what it is. Someone might like it though.


With a nice R5 driven at 1.5A (Hopefully less green than many R5s are) I'd put up with the camouflaged body - though I'd put the dropin in something else.


The numbers from my light tests are always to be found here.

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Nice light, but dont loose it on a green pasture. You will never find it again!


Got it with a R2 with OP reflector. Changed that to a smooth aluminum and

it became a real thrower with a very small and very bright hotspot.

Cheap quality is good - Expensive crap isn´t