MAHA C9000 AA/AAA charger €27.95 + postage

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MAHA C9000 AA/AAA charger €27.95 + postage

This is the Memorex Pro 1, its made by the same manufacture as the C9000 and is the same charger with Memorex on it instead of Powerex.

Other option

That works out to about $39 AUD or $37 USD.

Postage to Australia costs €8.50 (about $11 AUD) making it about $51 AUD – $49 USD shipped. I paid close to $100 for mine about and it was the cheapest in Aus, making this close to half price of buying it here.

Shipping costs to most other countries appears to be cheaper than to Aus as well.

Voltage is 100-240v so it can be used pretty much anywhere, this is the best price I know of outside of the USA including shipping. If you live in the USA you may have cheaper options.