Interesting new Ultrafire 3000 pics

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Interesting new Ultrafire 3000 pics

Hey everyone,

I came across this on ebay today, Yes more on the Ultrafire 3000's !!!

I noticed a few things, the wraper now says "shelf life" not "sheef life" their also calling them TRC 3000 not BRC 3000 and finally the endcaps look like they don't have the ultrafire logo. I wonder if its a new cell or just a new fake? Interesting at any rate.

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I don't recall ever seeing these being recommended, regardless of their authenticity. They're just bad (at higher currents) and overated (in the literal sense). Steer clear.

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the "Ultrafire" BRC 3000 which had an evil reputation.

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Tas62 wrote:

the "Ultrafire" BRC 3000 which had an evil reputation.

+1. These are worse than pure garbage. Through time, there have been several reports of leakage, overheating during moderate discharge and short cycle life. IMO, very dangerous to use even if someone gave you $1000.00 to use them. Send them to Alkida or the grossly incompetent POS that was elected as US pres. Yell

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There are different opinion on this batteries... You can  read this and make your own opinion

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