Music Video PARODY DIGEST #2

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Music Video PARODY DIGEST #2

This could be handy:
YouTube autoHD Firefox I don’t have Flash installed in Firefox on purpose so can’t test it. Using IE8 for YouTube and such, would be nice to have something like that there.

Links altered to start in HD, but it’s shame you can’t just set it in your account preferences for good.
(update: doesn’t work again – they constantly change the tags to save bandwidth)
No need to see the original videos really because they suck ass.
Santa and I Know It!
TIK TOK KESHA Glitter Puke
Call Me Crazy (good beginning)

Bruno Mars Grenade I will chop off my head for you!


If you missed DIGEST #1:
Best Miley Cyrus Music Video Parodies
‘Cause they REALLY ROCK!

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