When do malls actually/physically ship packages out?

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When do malls actually/physically ship packages out?

Hi all, I was just wondering when malls actually ship the packages out.

When FastTech, for example, emails me that my order has been shipped and provides me with a tracking code, it doesn’t register on 17track.net or any other tracking site for a few days. This is normal, as I’ve heard from many members. More often than not, there are 1-2 day delays for shipping notices to become updated.

However, I’m starting to get the feeling that packages are not actually shipped out, but rather being packaged and stuck with a tracking code.

I got an email from FT that my package was shipped Nov. 16, 2:02AM (exactly 4 days ago), but wasn’t trackable until 6 hours ago.

Tue 19.11.2013 16:12, Departure from border point of origin country, Swiss Post SINGAPORE Tue 19.11.2013 16:12, Departed transit country, Swiss Post SINGAPORE Tue 19.11.2013 16:06, Departure from border point of origin country, Swiss Post SINGAPORE Tue 19.11.2013 16:06, Arrival at border point of origin country, Swiss Post SINGAPORE Tue 19.11.2013 16:06, Mailed, Swiss Post SINGAPORE

So did FT hand over the package to SG Post on the 19th or the 16th?

One of the reasons why we consider FT has gone down in CS and quality is because they aren’t fast anymore, as shipping times have often gone over 45 days, but I feel like the can shave off a couple days by physically shipping items, not by simply assigning tracking codes.

Apologies for the rant. Smile

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Yea, who knows when they actually ship the packages out.
FT may not even know. From what Fasttech_mod said when he quit it sounded like shipping / fulfillment is actually a separate entity (company) from FT.

For me FT packages now have only until the paypal limit to arrive. 61-63 days (43-44 for dispute + 18-19 for escalate). If a package arrives after a refund we’ll see if FT CS will find the time to accept a new payment for it.
FT isn’t as trustworthy anymore and most of my packages haven’t been large enough to justify tracking.

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Don't take the date/time the shippers provide as gospel, either. Or, at least, it doesn't always mean what a literal reading would seem to. I've had a package read 'Delivered' that appeared in my mailbox 3 days later. I've received packages that still say they're in a sorting facility. 

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Shipped means packaged, not accepted by a shipper.

After a package is readied, sellers can buy postage and obtain a tracking number before a package leaves their control.

Once a package is ready for posting, it can sit until a batch is readied and someone takes it somewhere. That someone could be an employee or a service the same day, next business day, or whenever.

Once a package is put into a vehicle, it will continue to travel until it is unloaded somewhere.

Once a package is unloaded, it can be sorted, stored, and reloaded to travel to wherever postage was previously paid.

Once a prepaid package is received it can be stored, sorted, and moved on to someone who finally scans it for acceptance.

After it is accepted it may take a relatively efficient route, or it may go on vacation somewhere. It could even be kidnapped or suffer other harms.

Everybody’s goal is to do something to move the products along, but pretty much everyone in the chain has worked out their payment before they provide service. There are costs whether buying product in-hand, or sight unseen.

Either way, we pay our money and then we take our chances. What ya’ gonna do?

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It wouldn’t make sense for them to take individual packages as soon as they’re packed to the post office/ shipping service. I imagine as a medium sized business they periodically move the accumulated packages. (1-3 days?) then tack on another day for the shipping service to sort through the mass.