Dim Trustfire Z2

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Dim Trustfire Z2


I have a Trustfire Z2 that I rarely use and I bought because…well…just because Smile Anyway, it appears to be much dimmer with both NiMH and 14500 in all modes than when I first got it. With a fully charged Eneloop it’s about half the brightness of a Tank007 E09 (AAA battery). With a 14500 the Trustfire is slightly dimmer than a Tank007 566 with a NiMH battery in it. I did some beam comparisons when I got it and I seem to recall that with a 14500 it was comparable to my Shiningbeam Caveman, so somewhere in the 250 lumen level. Now I’m guessing it’s about half of that.

I cleaned all the contact points but there isn’t anything that I can see in the head that I can disassemble to look at. Is it the driver that’s the likely culprit? And that nothing can be done to fix it?

Tailcap readings were right at 1A for both NiMH and 14500.